Earlier this week, my laptop stopped charging. The battery went out months ago, but the charger was still working. Then, it stopped.

So, now I am writing from my tablet which is slow typing and painful to do.

I found and ordered a battery and charger as replacements for the short term until I can research and find another laptop or desktop computer. I guess I should decide if I want a laptop or desktop computer first, huh?

Anyway, I used all my pre-written posts (today was the last one). There will be a bit of a delay in POP Life posts as well as random posts until Sunday night when I can get to a computer and line up some more posts. This should carry me over until my laptop charger and battery are delivered.

Thanks for understanding and your patience. The laptop issue was unexpected, but I’m happy that I had posts lined up to go live ahead of time and I’ll be able to line up more posts on Sunday night.

~C. Jaye