The dreaded Two Week Wait! 

This is the time between the IUI procedure or timed intercourse and the beta (blood pregnancy test) that you take at your RE’s office. When I tell you it is the longest two weeks of your life… that’s exactly what I mean. 


Infinity time spiral 15267876

…. and yep, it’s torture! Every time you have to wait to find out IF there is a baby on the way. I mean, 2 weeks can really feel like a whole year! I won’t lie, it does suck.

I would think that the more times you do it (this is a process, right?), the more you can accept it as part of the process, but that’s not always true, unfortunately. Why? B/c every time we hope is the last time.

While, it’s apart of the whole infertility and scientific assistance piece, so there’s nothing you can do to change it. Just riding the wave, praying or meditating, and staying busy can help. A post will be coming about how to get through it.

However, the TWW will have you thinking about all the symptoms you experience and some of them will give you hope.

As they say in most of the FB groups, “there’s always hope up until AF (Aunt Flow) shows up.” 

Good luck to anyone that is currently in their TWW, I really hope that your BFP (big fat positive) comes soon! 🙂