Ladies! Let’s talk for a minute…

During the TWW, some women will be put on Progesterone, which is to help the maintain the endometrial lining and provide support to the fertilization process, if there is one that month. It also slows down egg maturation while the pregnancy progresses as well as many other internal things. Some other women will not have to take Progesterone. Those, are the lucky women b/c Progesterone will drive you completely nuts…. mentally.


What do I mean? Well, it will give you all the symptoms of early pregnancy. I mean, that’s what it’s designed to do or at least that’s what we think it does. So, you can have the cramping, sickness, headaches, bloating, twinges here and there, back aches, sore boobs… you get it. You can have every single “symptom” related to early pregnancy and that blood test could still say negative.

Hell, before you even get to the blood test (after two weeks), you’ll be tempted to take a home pregnancy test and it could still be stark white! Progesterone plays with your mind. Badly! 

This is exceptionally horrific to many women b/c they want to be pregnant so bad! Whether they have been trying for years or just started… they will start to analyze every symptom thinking that this is the one. For some, it may be their lucky turn. For many others, they have to keep trying. They say that it takes on average 3-6 times to get pregnant and that’s without any fertility issues. 

My advice to anyone on Progesterone while in the TWW… keep yourself busy. So busy that you don’t even notice what’s going on and ignore all the “symptoms” that you experience or think you do until the blood test.

Yes, that is easier said than done. I have been on Progesterone twice while TTCing. I had to take 200mg, twice a day, vaginally. Talk about messy! Most of the symptoms really are a side effect of the Progesterone. So, psyching yourself up while taking it can be a bit draining and disappointing. 

To save yourself that energy, just understand that while you could be pregnant, it really is better to wait for the blood pregnancy test rather than relying on “symptoms” that you experience. 

Good Luck!