I was perusing FB and came across this poem. The title really grabbed my attention because I’ve never seen a poem like this. It’s unique and catching. 



When I first read the poem, I was like… WOW! This writer was really hard on themselves. I thought that they had a negative body image and their self-esteem must  be low. I figured that maybe this is their way of trying to get those feelings out in order to replace them with more positive feelings about themselves. 

Then I got to the bottom of the poem and read it from the bottom up. I was amazed! I don’t think that I have ever read a poem that works by reading it down as well as reading it up. I was fascinated. 

I realized that this is a great poem to teach you a couple things. First, your body image is important. How you feel about yourself really reflects in the way you carry yourself. Second, telling yourself good things about you can affect your self-esteem and will cause you to believe them if you do it long enough. Lastly, how you present yourself to the world is how they will take you. Having confidence, positive self-esteem, and self-love will all lead to positive decisions and experiences.

In short, ‘KNOW YOUR WORTH!’