I have read this book before and I wanted to revisit it because it’s such a good book! I can’t remember how I originally came across it, but I know that I told many people to read it after I read it because it was that good! 

A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown


This book is about a woman, Cupcake, who experiences many ups and downs as a child and well into adulthood. She doesn’t get along with her brother, her mother and father split up, and her mom passes away, and on and on. One tragedy after another. I mean, it seems like she’s left to navigate life on her own at such an early age. 

What follows is a tale of many twists and turns that seem to be unreal, yet very possible. She ends up in foster care with a terrible foster mother and while there she’s abused and mistreated among many other horrible things.

I mean, we know that the system isn’t the best when it comes to keeping track of children or ensuring their safety in these homes. Sure, there are children who slip through the cracks and are only noticed when something tragic happens to them and by then, it’s usually too late. We also know how social workers are, stressed, burnt out, and overworked. None of this leads to a happy ending for anyone involved, which is why self-care is important. 

Anyway, Cupcake’s tale of trying to navigate the system and come out on the other end is riveting. I mean, things don’t get better before getting worse, right? Well, that’s true in this case. Let’s be real. Some of her experiences, had me thinking, “that couldn’t be me” while reading it b/c some of it was drastic, desperate, and out of her character. However, she had to survive somehow.

It’s really amazing to me how resilient some people can be even when faced with adversity so many times. Can you really blame her for how she chose to numb her pain, emotionally and physically? All of her experiences: good, bad, or indifferent, lead her to her final destination. A place that she wouldn’t have seen or believed was possible had she given up somewhere along the way. 

I highly recommend that you take some time to read this book. It may put some things into perspective for you or even give you a different outlook on the hardships in life. It may just remind you that some people have seen and heard things that you never have or will, but those experiences lead to them being who they are today. You never know. 

If you do read it. Let me know how you liked it. Comment below.