After some time has passed, I wanted to include my thoughts on the happenings of November 6th. I am not political, but the happenings were way too shitty not to comment. 

This mid-term election received a huge push to vote from celebrities. It was almost like voting for Obama again in 2008. I love that they used their platform in this way again. 

Yes, the mid-term elections are just as important as voting for the president. 

Florida and Georgia got super stupid, but what else is new. They came full force with the dumb antics such as uber long waits in line, losing voter booths, losing whole ass boxes full of provisional votes (FL story), turning people away (story). It was really disgusting! 

Even with that BS in GA, Stacey Adams didn’t concede. I loved the fight in her! Keep fighting, Sis!  


Some women, meaning the 53% that voted Agent Orange into office specifically, this is for you… WTF?! No, seriously! I really want to know what’s going on? I always say… the 53% will always choose their race over their gender. Feminism went out the window, huh? *take note y’all* Then, they wanna take a knee when… nevermind. Nah, keep your knee. We good! 

There were some super dope wins this time around: Certain former inmates have their rights to vote restored (story) and FL, along with GA, get recounts (FL story).


I cannot, CANNOT believe that there were STILL so many people who chose not to vote in 2018. I just don’t get it! If you didn’t vote, I don’t want to hear you complain b/c you could have been an agent for change and instead chose to do nothing. I mean, really… many people died, fought, were jailed, lied to, threatened, and hung for our voting rights?! We really shouldn’t have to say this in 2018! We really shouldn’t. It’s depressing and annoying that we have to remind people of that. 


I can’t believe that people blamed Beyonce for Beto O’Rourke’s loss. She had nothing to do with that regardless of when she chose to endorse him. Stop it!

Finally, I loved the determination and tenacity of the people that chose to continue to have their say and vote despite the antics to have them turn around and leave. See #3. It was inspiring and unreal at the same time. I love my people! 🙂