I bet you’re wondering why I chose this title…

*Sigh* Let me tell you the tale of how my ovaries decided to call it quits this cycle. I mean, they literally left the building. Paused. Went to lunch. 10-7. Gave me their pink slip. Pack up and left. Didn’t look back… until 46 days later. 

My ovaries were like…


Wait. What?

As with the last two cycles before this one, I awaited the start of this cycle, which is considered Day 1 in TTC terms.

On Day 3, I went to the RE’s office and got an ultrasound to find out how many follies were visible as well as blood work to ensure there’s nothing alarming. I also checked my estrogen levels due to the cyst on the right side.

Later, I get a call from my nurse, M, saying there are 5 follies there and to go ahead with the fertility meds. This time, the meds were changed. Instead of 2 tabs of Clomid for 5 days, I would be taking 3 tabs of Clomid for those same 5 days.


I’m thinking they are ramping up the Clomid b/c they to increase my chances of having at least 2 mature follies, which I get. All TTC women know that even though there may be 2-3 follies that are mature, you can still end up with none being able to be fertilized for whatever reason.

Okay, cool.

So, I take the 3 tabs of Clomid and on the 5th day, I have to add in Gonal-F of 150IUs. This is another increase in meds b/c the last two cycles, I took 100- and 75IUs respectively.


On Days 10, 12, and 14, I went back and forth to the RE’s office after taking more Gonal-F, between each visit, as directed. I came back with the same results, every time M called to update me.

There was no activity in my ovaries, which meant no follie growth. I was devastated b/c that had never happened to me before. This was new territory.

I met with Dr. L, who came to see what was going on and take a look for himself. He confirmed that there was no follie growth after looking at the past week of tests and results, then he decided to cancel the whole entire ass cycle. 

He said he wanted to ensure things were right. He wanted to ensure that everything was working together and in sync. Basically, this wasn’t the right time to proceed.


Where do we go from here I wondered? What happens next? Will my ovaries rev back up on their own? Is this it for me? Is this the end of my journey? 

So many questions and only time could reveal the answers. 

Stay tuned…