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I am going to shout out a high school in Michigan, Elisabeth Ann Johnson High School, for their time and attention to those posters! I love it! ❤


The story:

Police were called to do a “drug” sweep at the school, which is common practice, but actually didn’t expect to find their faces cracked and feelings hurt in the process!

Why you ask? Oh, let me tell you…

A school project that called for handmade illustrations of the 4th and 5th Amendments. That’s right! The police found posters illustrating police brutality lining the hallway when they arrived.

One butt-hurt detective chose to take his issues with the posters to social media, which is why this caught my attention.

Say what? 

Yes, he was in his feelings and blasted the school saying on social media saying, “… he believes the curriculum should be altered to reflect that instances of police brutality are a rarity, and that extensive discussion of the issue has skewed the public’s perception and caused many to believe that excessive force is a regularly-occurring problem.” He went on to say, “…it simply isn’t a large enough societal problem to merit much discussion… many students obviously have an opinion that diverges from that reality, so cancel the glamorized, juvenile, poster-making entirely.

Okay, let’s stop here… b/c dude can’t be serious. Like, I know he knows better than this, right?



He took a school project that had NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM and made it about him and his feelings.

I mean, this whole grown ass man, who happens to be a police detective took this school’s project entirely too personal instead of seeing the bigger picture and making it a teachable moment for the students and faculty. 


Of course, the school’s superintendent responded to his social media outburst saying that she understands that it upset him, but he should have spoken to her first b/c it was not their intention to offend anyone. Translation: He should have been an adult and talked to me about the posters, not taken this super small issue to social media to rant.

In the end, the posters were removed from the hallway in the school. 

Here’s the thing:

If the police weren’t out here in the streets killing and using excessive force so freely and haphazardly, if it wasn’t so commonplace, this wouldn’t be an issue! 

I repeat, if the police weren’t killing UNARMED people… mainly, people of color, then this wouldn’t be an issue!!! 

Another thing… THIS WASN’T ABOUT YOU! 

A Word of Advice:

On the one hand, I can see why you’re mad. You were hit in the face with cold, hard FACTS and TRUTH. I get it! It caught you off guard.

But, if you’re mad, then be an agent of change. The way to address this wasn’t on social media b/c social media didn’t make nor hang the posters in the hallway of the school.

The way to address it would have been an open dialogue between you and the school’s officials stating why you felt how you felt by seeing the posters. Then, an assembly could have been scheduled to educate the children on a different narrative about police officers.

Be the change you want to see. 


Next time, be an adult and be professional. There were many different ways that this could have been handled better. Hint: Social media isn’t one of them.

He definitely missed an opportunity to serve the greater good by missing the bigger picture.

Bottom Line: If that ain’t your bag, then don’t climb in!!! In other words, tend to the business that pays you. At that point, it was the drug sweep of the high school, not their school project.

I guess the truth does hurt.  

Never Forget:

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