I really want to give a quick S/O (shout out) to the Facebook groups for women who are on this roller coaster ride we call TTC (trying to conceive).

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Man, listen… if it weren’t for the women in these groups, you would truly think you were alone. Not only that, but it’s nice to know that people outside your personal village (family, friends) can help.

FB Support

I am in two groups for WOC (women of color), which I really enjoy. Why? B/c women that look like me can relate in this struggle against infertility and TTC. 

They share their own stories, struggles, and helpful information. They bring up poignant concerns as well as sharing their successes. 

The groups are Mocha SOC

Some of the other groups that I have been in have WOC mixed in, but having a group of our own has been invaluable.  

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy mixing and mingling in the other women’s groups as well b/c some of them visit the same RE as me and have other point of views on things.

Those groups are SMBC TTC and SMBC

Celebrities & Infertility

It puts things into perspective when you realize that celebrities and other influential women are going through these same infertility issues.

We have to remember that they are people too. They experience joy, pain, hurt, disappointments, and happiness like the rest of us. It means something else when they can share their struggles when it comes to infertility… especially when they know that sharing may cause some backlash. 

Gabrielle Union, #OurForeverFLOTUS Mrs. Michelle Obama, Chrissy Teigen, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Tyra Banks, and Courteney Cox to name a few. Story here

In Closing

While I realize that infertility can strike anyone, regardless of money/fame/fortune, it can also be overcome with some medical interventions, determination, faith, and prayer. There are countless stories of triumph, which gives me hope and I stay in faith that my time will soon come.

I want to say to all the women who are TTC, your time will come as well. Never give up and reach out to those women that have been where you are. The support is invaluable!