I know I don’t usually report on celebrities, but b/c this is all over the news and supposed to be newsworthy, I thought… why not? It’s true that every once in a while people will fail you. It happens. It’s a fact of life. Nobody is perfect.

If nothing else, the Offset and Cardi B situation shows us how many people will project their beliefs, feelings, and morals or lack thereof, into a situation that has nothing to do with them.

Sure, it is widely known that Offset constantly cheated on Cardi during their marriage. So, this public debacle he put on in her workplace, is not shocking. He even stated that since his wrongdoings are public, then his apologies should be public too. *blank stare* Story here.


Sometime last week, Cardi came out in a video on Instagram and said that they have decided to part ways and a divorce could possibly be their next step. 

A few days ago, Cardi B was invited to Rolling Land to perform, and Offset decided to crash her stage to apologize and beg her to take him back. Cardi was visibly upset and didn’t know he was going to do this. It was also shown that some of her own people allowed him in and helped him set things up. 

Some things to consider:

  1. He came to her job and interrupted her workflow without her knowledge.
  2. He had help from her team, to invade her space.
  3. He is hella selfish and manipulative for this. It is a form of domestic violence.
  4. He didn’t care about how this made her look professionally.
  5. His appearance visibly upset her. 
  6. She addressed him with the mic down while he spoke into his mic.
  7. He CALLED HER “BRUH” during his fake apology.
  8. He was trying to force her into submission by doing this publicly.
  9. This is NOT romantic or cute by any means. It’s actually creepy!
  10. This ploy to win her back is done so that he could inevitably cheat on her again.
  11. Everyone that helped him should be fired!

Cardi B stated in a video on Instagram after this happened that she doesn’t want people talking about her baby’s father so negatively b/c she doesn’t believe that anyone could love her child as much as he does. She also said that no matter what happens, Offset is still family. They have a child together and they are married.


While I understand that they are both young and have a lot to learn about relationships,  that doesn’t give him a reason to try to control her or their situation after he was the one that caused this rift in the first place.

Cardi admits to being torn and wanting their family to be whole, which is what many women with children want. However, sometimes that’s just not possible. Especially when he doesn’t respect her enough to stop cheating and doing so publicly. A woman doesn’t ever want to subject herself to more harmful and hurtful behaviors when she’s asked for him to stop and be faithful.

At any rate, I think that Cardi’s next move is so important. Here’s her opportunity to make things better for herself, emotionally and mentally. Even though we all know that “what you allow, will continue”…  if she takes him back, she basically says that if he begs long enough, she’ll give in. Nothing will change. She’ll be kicking herself later. He gets what he wants. He wins.

There have been many celebrities (The Game, TI, Azealia Banks) that have chimed in on her situation and most are telling her to take him back. The Game really compared 2018 to 1950 stating that back in the day Grandma took Grandpa back and this thinking contributes to the broken homes theory in black families. UGH! I don’t even have the energy to travel through the HOLES in his statement. Let’s just say, nice try tho. *roll eyes*

An aside: I don’t know why people just assume that taking Offset back, despite the pain and embarrassment HE caused, is the right thing to do. Like, if Cardi had cheated on him, do you honestly think he would have taken her back? HELL NO! A lot of men subscribe to the double standard that women bet not pull the same behaviors and attitudes that men do. Their egos won’t allow it.

A Word of Advice:

I hope that Cardi thinks long and hard, regardless of Offset’s manipulative ways and what others are telling her to do, to come to a decision that works for her and their child.

Ultimately, she is the one that has to live with her decisions, everyone else should stop trying to force her into something that she already acknowledged isn’t working for her. Good luck, Cardi. ❤

What do you all think about this whole situation? Comment below.