Story about Rae’s release here and he wants custody of Chancellor here.

You know what really gets on my nerves? Grinds my gears. Burns my biscuits.

It’s when ADULTS have sex, participate in coitus, engage in intercourse, then act hella surprised when a baby is a result. Why? Why are you surprised?

Yes, sex can equal babies. It’s a fact of life. If you play around enough, without protection, it’s bound to happen. That’s common sense, right? So, imagine my disgust when the whole Rae Carruth case came about back in 1999.

I will admit that I didn’t pay much attention then, but b/c I watch tons of crime TV via the ID channel or TVOne (Fatal Attraction, Murder for Hire, etc.) I have seen this case more than once on each channel.


This whole ass adult male engaged in sexual acts with his girlfriend and she became pregnant.

Rae, a former football player, decided that he didn’t want to pay child support and hired another man to kill this woman.

Chancellor lived, but with severe cerebral palsy and brain deficits due to lack of oxygen.

Why is this coming up now? Well… the justice system, the one that’s supposed to carry out justice, released Rae Carruth recently. After 18-19 years, he’s out of prison. How Sway? Like, I wanna know why?

To be honest, I really feel that he should never see the light of day again. Ever! He should have been put under the jail for what he did. Why? B/c what else would suffice as a punishment to fit his crimes?


Rae was selfish, self-centered, and trifflin’ when he committed those crimes! He’s a murderer and the epitome of evil. Hell, he probably still is all those things.

Or did prison change him? He claims that he’s changed and while that may be true, or not, he should still rot in prison.

He wants custody of his son, who is 18-years-old now but needs a lot of special care and attention due to his condition. Why should Rae be given that responsibility now, when he went so far as to kill to NOT have the responsibility then? 

While listening to a podcast, Carruth by Scott Fowler, I learned that they happened to interview Chancellor as well. Of course, he’s thriving and under the great care of his grandmother, Mrs. Adams. Chancellor actually said he wanted to meet Rae and knows who he is.

That shocked me and showed me that its okay to want to know the man that fathered him. I mean, who doesn’t want to know who their parents are and where they come from? However, I wonder if he knows what happened to him, how, and that Rae was responsible?

Could he even comprehend the evil that was his father, if he did know? Probably not, but I don’t think that’s what’s important here. Chancellor said he just wants to meet Rae and he would say, “Hey.” It’s just that simple to him. 

What do you think? Should he be granted with the ability to raise his son? Or should there be some safeguards in place? Should he never be allowed to go near his child without someone there or EVER? Comment below.