Here is a news story about how Florida is really tryin’ it. How about officers put a woman that was recently arrested inside a men’s prison. Forget about safety. Forget about the emotional affects. How do you make such a grave mistake like this? Story here.



What happened was some officials looked at this woman, who was arrested for an outdated drug charge that she didn’t even know about, looked at her menopause medication, which is hormone blockers, and decided that she was transgender. 

Here’s the kicker: According to the article, “The arresting officer listed her gender as female and she was processed as a woman at the jail. A female officer strip-searched her, looking for contraband, and later testified she “did not notice anything abnormal.”

She was taken to the medics for high blood pressure and she was again asked if she was a male due to the hormone blockers. She said, she is a WOMAN. 

Then, she met with a male DOCTOR, who didn’t ask her about her gender classification nor do an exam on her. Afterward, he simply wrote in her file that she was a man. Then, the article states, “When the nurse brought Pichardo back to the officer, she told him “everything fell out” when Pichardo was examined – despite no physical examination being performed. The nurse added a note to the inmate’s file that read, ”Transgender, male parts, female tendencies.”

In the male prison, she went. They put her in a cell with ~40 men for 10 hours. The guard told her, “Good luck if you’re alive tomorrow,” acknowledging that the woman was indeed a real woman and still put her in the cell. She was so scared to go to the bathroom that she decided to just pissed herself. 

It took a nurse at the MEN’S prison to realize the magnitude of the mistake that was made and the woman finally got reclassified and hopefully released or relocated, but the article doesn’t specify the outcome. 

The judge ruled that the doctor and nurse were acting in “deliberate indifference.” Definition here.

A Rant In My Spirit:

So let me get this straight…

A woman was thought to be a man b/c of the medication she was taking and regardless of the many times she told them that she was a woman, they still implied that she was a man and had imaginary male parts? 


How Sway? How does this happen? 

A doctor and nurse both ignored her file, where it clearly classified her as a woman and wrote their own notes after drawing their own conclusions. They both, without doing their due diligence, decided she was a man with “male parts and female tendencies.” 

Listen, Linda… I would make sure heads roll! Okay! 

I want certifications, licenses, money, jobs/careers snatched… I want their whole ass lives pushed to the point of ruin behind their negligence. I mean, it’s not even their negligence. It’s worse than that. It was their ill-will, nearly malicious intent, that caused this traumatic experience for this woman. 

Like, I damn near want to know if they really had a vendetta against her or something b/c this makes no sense. Why would they, as professionals, think this was okay to do to someone? That woman could have been seriously hurt.

I mean, despite the strip search that was performed when she was initially booked showing her to be a whole ass woman, they still took her to a men’s prison and placed her in a cell with ~40 men. For 10 hours!!! 

I mean, Thank God nothing happened to this woman while she was there. However, I cannot imagine the impact that this experience would have on her after the fact. 

The total disregard for her life, safety, and emotional well being is apparent, but there’s something to be said about the correctional system and how dysfunctional it is. 

Word of Advice:

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I got nothing… except I hope that God has mercy on them when their time comes.

To completely ignore her real gender, draw their own conclusions of this woman, the path she followed as a result of their error, and the time until the error was corrected. Definitely could have been prevented by asking questions and examining her, which they didn’t do.

I question… why her? How come it was effortless for everyone else to see she was a woman, yet they couldn’t or wouldn’t be bothered to check her?

Either way, I hope there isn’t a ‘next time.’ This was too grave of a mistake to allow them a next time to screw up this badly. 

Yes, they were lucky this woman was unharmed, but things could have quickly gone left during those 10 hours she was in that cell.