To recap: In October, my ovaries were out to lunch. No follie growth. I was stagnant. I was given medication, Provera, to take for 7 days to start my cycle. In less than 2 days, my cycle started… Day 1.

The cycle lasted for 7.5 days, which is longer than usual. I figured this makes sense b/c it had been 46 days since my last cycle, the lining was overgrown. 

The problem… it shed my entire lining. I was down to less than 8mm of uterine lining thus leaving Dr. L to cancel the cycle b/c less than 8mm would not sustain a viable pregnancy.


Tho I understand why Dr. L made this decision and I agreed with it… it didn’t take away the feeling of wondering why my body is behaving this way. What’s next for me?

Well, I was told by my nurse, M, to wait until November and given the famous line… “Call me on cycle day 1.” By then, things should be working properly. Things should be moving along normally, right?


My cycle never started… My supposed start date came and went.

Wait. What? 

It didn’t come. The red wave never showed. Aunt Flo was on vacation. No Day 1.

*heavy, frustrated sigh*

I called my nurse, M, after Thanksgiving and told her what happened. I was afraid b/c this was happening again and wondered if it was something that I’m doing wrong to make this happen. 

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M said she’d speak to Dr. L and call me back with further instructions. She called me back and told me to come to the office for blood work and an ultrasound to see what’s going on.

A couple days later, I went in to take blood work and for an ultrasound. This was the first week of December. 

M called back later that afternoon and told me to purchase Provera again and take it for 7 days. She said the cyst that has slowly been growing on the right ovary is starting to leak estrogen so it may have to be drained.

She thought the cyst may be causing all the issues I have been having with my cycle being “off.” She said the Provera worked last time, so it should work this time and get things moving. We’ll see what happens.  

I’m like, “if they are not worried, then I shouldn’t be worried either, right?”

Stay tuned…