Usually, when you go through to a fast food restaurant, you order food: fries, hamburger, drink, ice cream, chicken sandwich, or a combo. What you don’t order or expect to find… is illegal drugs. 

However, when your child finds an ecstasy pill in her order… there’s cause for alarm. Especially if that child starts to question whether the pill they found is candy in their bag. Luckily, she asked her mom what it was before anything tragic could happen. Story here.


Story Recap

A Sonic restaurant in Texas is under fire b/c three of their employees decided to serve something extra one night.

No, it wasn’t toys. No, it wasn’t dessert. It was the illegal drug, ecstasy. 

An 11-year-old girl was helping her mom by unwrapping her 4-year-old brother’s burger and saw a pill in the wrapping. 

The mother took the meal to the police dept, where the pill was identified as ecstasy. The mother said that her daughter asked if the pill was candy. 

The employees were arrested and one employee had three other ecstasy pills on her at the time of booking. 

A Rant in my Spirit:

downloadListen, Linda…

What in the world, would possess you to do something like this? I want to know who’s dumb ass idea it was to do it?

Putting a pill, a whole ass pill, near or around someone’s burger is just wrong! To be honest, it was lazy, but we all know most criminals do DUMB things to get themselves caught than not. 

Another thing, knowing that a child could possibly consume the pill b/c they would think it was candy, should get you the maximum time in jail. No bond!

Go ahead and get comfortable on the rock hard bed, please.

This whole plan was beyond dangerous. Reckless. Careless. I am truly glad that their plan to lace the food with ecstasy backfired on them especially b/c it doesn’t seem like they were too bright to begin with. 

I’m also glad that the mother took the food to the police b/c it allowed them to be apprehended swiftly so they couldn’t harm anyone else that night. Remember, the manager had hidden three (3) other pills in her clothing.

What dummies! Smh.

A Word of Advice:

download (1)

First, someone in this bunch should have had the wherewithal to say that this was a dumb idea.

Since that didn’t happen, they all ended up in jail and it’s not a shock that they all had other open warrants and had committed other crimes. 

So, I guess it was only a matter of time before they would be caught and brought to justice. 

Criminals: The next time someone suggests that you participate in something as stupid as this or any other crime… do us all a favor and just say NO

B/c look how this turned out. It wasn’t worth it in the end, but at least they won’t be out on the streets to try and hurt anyone else.

I hope a valuable lesson was learned here. Being stupid gets you nowhere. Being lazy gets you caught. Know better, do better.