Recap: In November, my Day 1 came and went without any sign of my cycle. I told Nurse M, who then spoke with Dr. L. He stated that I should purchase Provera again and take it for 7 days.

I did as requested. Once again, I took the medication for 7 days. It states on the bottle that 2-3 days after the last pill, the withdrawal bleeding (your cycle) will start. 

Well… after 3 days with no start to my cycle in sight, I called Nurse M to report that it didn’t work this time.


I mean, where were the red waves? The crimson tide? The red sea? I guess Aunt Flo really took this “break” seriously this time, huh?


Do you ever wish that you could talk to Aunt Flo and really have a deep conversation with her? 

I know I do. I would ask her so many questions. 

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  • Where are you spending your time when you’re late? Is it fun there?
  • Why must you cause so much pain upon your arrival?
  • Can you stop ruining my clothes?
  • Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, I need a break too?
  • What does a “break” actually do for you?
  • Why can’t you be the same from month to month?
  • Do you get revitalized, so you can be stronger/heavier?
  • Can you chat with me the next time you decide to be late?
  • Can we be friends, cause the pop-up thing is getting old at this point! 

I mean, I really want to know the answers she’d come up with. Call it research. 🙂


After 8 days of worrying, checking, waiting, and panic… my cycle started finally started. It was officially Day 1. Just in time for New Years! 


It had been 49 days, which mean an overgrown lining and a longer cycle time than usual, right?


This time, my cycle lasted 5.5 days. That’s normal for me. 

*heavy sigh* 

Nothing about my cycle makes sense these days. Due to stress and just being “over it” at this point, I decided not to call Nurse M for cycle Day 1.

I would voluntarily sit December out.

This time, I was taking a break.