Many, many people work for the federal government. When I was growing up, back in the 80s and 90s, working for the government was considered a coveted job b/c of the benefits, the pay, and flexibility the employees received.

People would say, “it’s nearly impossible to get fired from the government” meaning that it was considered secure and stable employment despite actions that would get most people fired from other jobs. Mostly everyone could get in and have a job for life.

Well, fast forward to 2019… and my, how times have changed. Over a month into the shutdown and there seems to be no ending in sight even tho people are crying out for it to end. 

It’s December 2018, right before Christmas. Agent Orange decides to throw a tantrum and partially shutdown the government over a damn border wall to be placed between America and Mexico.

He seems to believe that crime will decrease if we just keep the Mexican people and other immigrants out of the country. While that isn’t true, his push to have the border wall funded by the American people is the reason many people, the American people, are in crisis.


The last 33 days, has been a nightmare for current federal government workers! Here’s how:

  • Roughly 800,000 people are out of work during the shutdown.
  • Those same 800,000 people will not receive a paycheck during this time.
  • People are threatened with eviction from their homes
  • No income means that other bills cannot be paid or kept current; lights, heat
  • WMATA (metro and bus systems) report they are losing $400K/day
  • Low-income people are losing their benefits; SNAP, WIC, food stamps, etc.
  • School lunches are becoming scarce. Some kids only eat lunch all day.
  • Some essential federal workers are going to work without pay.
  • Federally-funded programs are not issuing payments to keep them running.
  • The National Mall and Parks are closed due to health issues and overgrown trash.
  • TSA workers are calling in sick, which threatens airplane and airport security.
  • Contractors are out of work, but they cannot recover their lost wages. 
  • College age students cannot pay tuition or file for financial aid.
  • Inmates are on a hunger strike until the shutdown ends.
  • Food safety is unsecured, which means that some of the food we usually consume is left unchecked and untouched.

The list goes on and on… Sadly, the longer this government shutdown goes on, the less money, food, and patience people will have. 

It’s really a sin and a shame! 

Let’s not forget that this wall Agent Orange wants so badly was said to be paid for by Mexico at one time, but the plot thickens. He asked for $5.2 billion to cover the costs and this… is what is keeping people from earning a paycheck and working.

I got questions:

  1. What happened to Mexico paying for the wall? (asked rhetorically)
  2. Where is $5.2B going to come from?
  3. Why is this damn wall more important than the American people? 
  4. Does he realize that children are included in this shutdown and will have to go without as well? 

Oh, so he’s selfish, SELFISH. 

While it’s true that federal workers, not to be confused with contractors, will receive back pay for their troubles after the shutdown ends, there are still others who have to go to work without being paid right now.

Take a moment… 

Can you imagine how that must feel? Can you imagine how that must be hurtful to these federal workers, some being the sole providers for their families, knowing that they can’t miss work but also cannot financially provide for their families?

Read this article about how people are handling their finances during the shutdown here.

Online Comments:

I see people online saying many things from “Well Obama shutdown the government too” and “people should have a savings account.”


None of that is the point right now!! Many people, regardless of how much they make, live paycheck to paycheck.

People have REAL bills; mortgage/rent, car insurance, car notes, healthcare, childcare, student loan payments, heat, electricity, gas, water, food, gas… I mean, most times, it’s not possible to save money without a conscious effort or a plan. 

So, stop acting like it’s a simple solution to a complex problem. Life doesn’t work that way! Everyone is different and everyone’s situation ain’t the same! #themoreyouknow

Additionally, Cardi B spoke out about the shutdown saying, “Yes, Obama shutdown the government for 17 days, but that was for healthcare! So, your grandmother can check her blood pressure and y’all can check your p—-ies without any problems.”

She’s right! Obama shutdown the government for an improvement on healthcare back in 2013. He didn’t shutdown the whole ass government b/c of a damn wall that’s unnecessary in the grand scheme of things.

Side note: The costs of healthcare, even when provided by your workplace, is still expensive! You pay a copay and you’re required to pay some of the costs that aren’t covered by the insurance while still paying them monthly. In a sense, you’re paying them twice. Monthly and the 20% they don’t cover. 

I digress.

No, the shutdown of 2018 vs when Obama did it in 2013 ain’t the same. Stop comparing apples to oranges. 

Be blessed with this knowledge! 

A Word of Advice:

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Sadly, Agent Orange doesn’t care about the American people. He never did.

He throws tantrums and talks about “fake news” on Twitter all day, while people are starving and being threatened with eviction in the winter time.

Luckily, there are many food banks, corporations, organizations, companies, and many others helping the furloughed government workers with food, delays in bill payments, free stuff, etc. Shoutout to those who are understanding of the current reason people are in this financial crisis. It’s not their fault.

But, it’s funny b/c the same people that elected him are suffering right now too. I want to know if it was worth it? Is what you are going through: not being able to pay bills, being threatened with eviction, not having money for food, no federal assistance, not able to work… was your support of him worth it?

Just in case you missed the memo: Agent Orange doesn’t care about you or your family’s suffering right now. Your support of him is why he is able to carry on in this manner. Also… he’s not helping you with any of his money or resources during this crisis. You are like anyone else, the only difference is that you supported him. 

While I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad, this is just the truth, FACTS. He doesn’t care about the American people suffering, he just wants what he wants. It’s like a child that wants candy for dinner, the parent says no, but the baby throws a tantrum anyway and refuses to eat. Same. Thing.

Either way, I hope this shutdown ends soon b/c as someone pointed out on FB, it will already have lasting effects long after it’s over. Sadly, I think he’s right.  

To the furloughed workers: I am so sorry that this has happened to you all and your families. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.