This is America. Racists have become more visible, confident, and vocal. Hatred is taking center-stage. It’s like, we’ve traveled back in time to a place where racism was expected, tolerated, and likely.

It seems that some people have forgotten the true meaning of humanity, kindness, and love. Sadly, this is nothing new.

Since Agent Orange became president, more and more people have been comfortable and come out of the wood work with their racist attitudes, ideas, comments, thoughts, and hatred. They are proudly wearing the MAGA hats and talking about “Make America great again,” which is the slogan that Agent Orange promoted during his campaign for president. 

However, these people don’t really know what it means to “make America great again.” They only think and believe they do for their own selfish reasons and gain. Their philosophy isn’t only wrong and oppressive, it’s violent! 

Yesterday, Jussie, known for his acting on the hit TV show, “Empire,” his singing abilities, his activism, and his huge beautiful family, was attacked! In 2015, Jussie publicly came out as a gay man. Story here.


Story Recap:

Jussie Smollett was in Chicago, IL and got hungry around 2am. He decided to get a sandwich at a nearby store. 

When leaving the store, he encountered two masked men shouting racial and homophobic slurs trying to get his attention. Then, a fight ensued. 

Jussie tried to defend himself, however, the two masked men hit him in the face, poured bleach on him, and tied a rope around his neck. 

Later it was revealed that they were wearing MAGA hats and shouted “This is MAGA country!” while running from the scene. 

Police arrived and found Jussie with the rope still around his neck. It was said that police are looking into this as a “possible hate crime” due to the severity of the allegations.

Jussie was taken to the hospital and later released. Many say that Jussie had been receiving death threats prior to this incident.

All day, celebrities such as Lee Daniels, Cynthia Bailey, Niecy Nash, Michael B. Jordan, Kid Fury, Amanda Seales, Porsha Williams, Tamar Braxton, Serayah, Kandi Burress, Loni Love, and a host of others have all sent love, light, prayers, and support to Jussie while commenting on the hatred and violence that he didn’t deserve and seems to be running rampant in America today. 

A Rant in my Spirit:


Nobody deserves to be treated this way. Nobody deserves to be subjected to violence b/c of who they are. 

There are many people who do not agree with the lifestyle, however, they don’t go around hurting people for it. 

This is not okay! 

It doesn’t make sense to attack someone b/c they don’t agree with his choices and decisions to be who he is.

Nobody attacked them for wearing that stupid MAGA hat or being homophobic or being men or living in Chicago. So, why attack Jussie for being a black, gay man? It’s not right! 


Hatred, racism, oppression, homophobia… all are words that seem to ignite violence and I don’t know why, in 2019, this is still a thing. 

Why do they care so much about what others are doing? Are they hurting you, personally?

How would they feel if someone attacked a member of their family for the same reasons they attacked Jussie? People love to spew hate until it hits close to home or they get caught. I hope these punks are caught soon! 

Let’s talk about the police and this “possible hate crime” business! How in the hell are you talking about “possible?” Why isn’t it automatically a hate crime? 

There was a noose STILL around his neck when you found him!!! They shouted racial and homophobic slurs at him to provoke a fight. They poured chemicals on him. 

What about any of that says “possible,” alleged, maybe, could be, supposedly? The evidence is RIGHT THERE! 

I’m so confused and angry about their choice of words in this case.

Final Words

Relieved-Face-Emoji-Classic-Round-Sticker.jpgOf course, I don’t know Jussie personally, but I am truly sorry this happened to him. It really angers me and I am saddened that he was a target.

He didn’t deserve this and he seems like a really cool, good-hearted, humble, and talented person.

When I first heard about it, I just kept thinking, “Thank God they didn’t light a match. Thank God he’s okay.”

I pray that he recovers quickly, remembers something that can catch these assholes, and continue on to do what he’s on Earth to do. 

I really hope this doesn’t shake or rattle him, but sometimes, things hit us without our knowledge or permission. If/When that time comes, I pray he has someone to talk to and work with to get through those feelings/emotions/thoughts. 

I’m sure that he is surrounded by his beautiful family and friends, so eventually, he will be okay. ❤

To the Chicago PD: Investigate this as a HATE CRIME b/c anyone can see that that’s what it was intended to be and what it was. Adjust your vision, resources, and attitudes, and find the assholes responsible!