Let’s talk about breastfeeding b/c it really sparks some outrage among people and I don’t really understand why. Full story here.

After all, it’s a natural way to give our babies the nutrients and nourishment they need without all the extra stuff that goes into the store-bought formula.

I mean, it’s literally what breasts were made for… feeding children, the same as with other mammals. 


Note: I am not shaming anyone who chose not to breastfeed. That’s your business. I don’t know your life. 🙂

There are so many benefits in breastfeeding your children. Not only are the benefits for the baby, but there are benefits for Mom as well. List found here.

Benefits such as… 

For Baby:

  • Protects against enzymes and allergens
  • Less upset stomach, diarrhea, and constipation
  • Lessens the risk of SIDS
  • Lessens infections, viruses, UTIs, etc.
  • Makes vaccines more effective
  • Possibly helps lessen obesity
  • Could make baby smarter

For Mom: 

  • Heals body after delivery
  • Delays menstruation
  • Shrinks uterus back down to original size
  • Helps loose pregnancy weight
  • Saves money
  • A closer bond with baby

I know these aren’t all the benefits that breastfeeding provides, but you get the point. Most of these things are definitely a plus for most moms. 

So, if that’s the case… why aren’t more women into breastfeeding? Story here.

Some issues include:

  • Lack of support/education/awareness
  • Early return to work/school
  • Latching issues
  • Attitudes of hospital staff
  • Financial issues for equipment
  • Personal issues or lack of confidence
  • Health concerns

These are very valid and legitimate concerns for any new or seasoned mom.

Let’s not get into the fact that many women of color are essentially left out of this whole education and awareness equation, but we already covered that in my post here.

Let’s shift gears a bit… 

Breastfeeding in Public:


What shocks me is that there are people, both on the Internet and in real life, that really believe that breastfeeding belongs in the bathroom, at home, or in private. 

How Sway? 

How is it “nasty” for a new or seasoned mom with a newborn to only feed their baby in spaces where YOU say it’s okay? 

Would YOU only eat at home? How about in a bathroom? So, why would a newborn be fed in only one of those places? The same newborn that is still susceptible to many, many germs and infections. Breastfeeding helps to build their immune system by the way.

Make it, make sense b/c I am lost! 

How about you choose not to look b/c we’ve all seen breasts before, mind your business altogether, OR realize that breasts were made sexual, but that’s not their only function. 

*sigh* :/

Yes, I understand that people are gonna people. I just don’t get why its anyone’s business when or how a mother chooses to feed their child, who maybe be crying and inconsolable while in public b/c they are hungry

In conclusion:

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I have always said that if I had children, I would breastfeed them. I saw it as the healthiest and most cost-effective way to provide my child with nourishment. ❤

Little did I know how much of a sacrifice that would be.

Quick story: I have a couple of friends who are currently or have breastfed their child. One had to change her diet b/c her child is lactose intolerant. One has to remove foods from her diet if her child’s stomach becomes upset suddenly to find the culprit. Remember what she eats, her child eats as well. They constantly drink water, which is a good thing. They pump while at work. They have to continuously pump throughout the day to keep up the supply. One had to supplement b/c they weren’t making enough to fill baby’s tummy. 

Whew… Chillay!! 

Being a mom takes a lot in this regard! Women really do a lot to ensure their babies thrive. You ladies are commended and amazing!! 

I was legit surprised at how much goes into breastfeeding. It’s more than popping a teat in baby’s mouth, I know that! 

This is the stuff that nobody tells you :/ but it doesn’t deter me. I will definitely give it a try when the time comes… sometime soon. ❤

If you have any suggestions or websites for a smoother “go” at breastfeeding, comment below. I’d love to hear them! 🙂