I wanted to take this time to shoutout 10-year-old Liam Holmes, who decided to take a knee during the Pledge of Alliance while at City Hall in Durham, North Carolina. Full story here.


He was quoted saying, “What I did was took a knee against racial discrimination, which is basically [when] people are mean to other people of different colors.” 


The silent protest was made popular by football star, Colin Kaepernick, who took a knee to protest against police brutality during a football game in 2016, which led to him losing his job as a player in the NFL at the time. colin-kaepernick-muhammad-ali-legacy-award

We can learn something here, as young Liam chose to kneel for racial injustices. 

  1. Our children are watching us. Good, bad, or indifferent. They are watching.
  2. We must be cognizant of what we show and teach our children. 
  3. What we pour into our children, they will show the world. They are a reflection of you. 

Kudos to you, Liam! ❤

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