Texting is a form of communication. It’s something that everyone does b/c it only takes a few seconds to send or respond to a text. Love it or hate it, texting is a thing. 

From quick messages like “Meet me at 7” or “Pick up some milk” to more complex messages like “I just wanted to let you know that I didn’t appreciate the way you spoke to me yesterday. I felt you were dismissive of my feelings and that’s not okay.”

On the other hand, sending text messages can be a form of harassment. Why bombard someone with over 159,000 text messages, if they never answered the first 2 or 3?

Wouldn’t something click in your mind like, maybe they don’t want to talk to me right now? Well, apparently Jacqueline didn’t get the hint and really took texting to a new level. Story here.


Story recap:

Jacqueline was previously thought to have sent over 65,000 text messages after a single date, but it was later found out that she possibly sent more than twice that amount with some being very threatening.

According to the article, this texting issue started in July 2017 and lasted about 10 months. She met the victim on a site called, Luxy, which advertised being connected with verified millionaires. 

She texted messages like, “I’d wear ur fascia n the top of ur skull n ur hands n feet“, “I’d make sushi outta ur kidneys n chopsticks outta ur hand bones,” and “Don’t ever try to leave me…I’ll kill you…I don’t wanna be a murderer.” 

Jacqueline was also found outside of the victim’s home, which lead the victim to call the police. She was told to vacate the premises. Later, she would show up two more times at the victim’s home, once while he was out of town. 

She was arrested once and said to have shown signs of having a mental illness. However, once released from jail, she began texting the victim again. Another message she sent said, “… she wanted to wear his body parts and bathe in his blood” according to court documents.

She was arrested once again and is currently being held without bond. Trial starts in early February. 

A Rant in My Spirit:

downloadListen, Lauren… 

I don’t know who taught this lady about sexy talk or what’s appropriate on a 1st date, but I can assure her that talking about wearing someone’s skin and bathing in their blood ain’t sexy!  

The victim didn’t answer her texts. So what! She’s an adult that’s sadly incapable of reason and rational thought. This was enough to send her spiraling out of control? She must have some strong unresolved issues with abandonment and rejection. 

I mean, it was only ONE date! There are no commitments. No obligations. No attachments. Nothing. Obviously, it wasn’t working for him. That’s okay. Nothing he did warranted a response like the one she gave. 

Rationally speaking, sending a text or two is enough to be done with the whole thing, in my opinion, but she FAR exceeded that. She was creepy and obsessive.

Sending 65,000 texts and then doubled down, sending over 159,000 texts, is extremely excessive… and scary! Landing in jail was fair. 

A Word of Advice:

download (1)

This woman definitely went about finding love all wrong. Now, she’s in jail and alone. 

Back to square one.

Maybe next time, she can pick up some hints and context clues before trying the dating scene again. It seems that she gets a bit obsessive and crazy when things don’t go her way, like a child that throws a tantrum. 

That’s not what a rational adult would do.

We all know things don’t always go the way we’d like them to go. That’s life! However, trying to will someone into submission to get what you want and leaving them unable to chose for themselves isn’t love.

It’s controlling and it’s unhealthy for any type of relationship.

I understand wanting love, but I can guarantee that loving someone is a choice. Nobody wants their freedom to choose taken away from them. I hope she can fully understand and grasp that. 

I suggest that she sees a therapist and get an assessment for possible diagnosis, maybe some medication as well. She needs to be mentally stable and emotionally strong before hitting the dating scene again, where rejection is inevitable.