Gucci is an expensive brand name just like Versace, Givenchy, Fendi, and Prada. Many celebrities, models, and socialites have something with the name brand in their closets.

My point is they are not hurting for publicity or money.  The brand is very well known. They are doing just fine. They aren’t struggling. They’ve been around for a long time. If that’s the case, then what would make them do this?

What do I mean?

I am referring to the offensive sweater that they debuted on their website and in their stores for $890? It’s a sweater that is all black, but it comes up and covers the mouth with large red lips around the mouth. Story here.


A Rant in my Spirit

downloadListen, Gucci…

Who is on your marketing team? Who in the hell, in that room where you review all of your clothing, thought this was a good idea?

I want to know who b/c I will tell you right now… they should be fired!

Whoever has their name on this either in approval of or in the production of or even laid eyes on this and passed it along… should be fired!

B/c guess what: 

For the last fucking time…


It is offensive, derogatory, abrasive, rude, dehumanizing, terrible, horrible, ignorant, flagrant, discriminatory, prejudice, disrespectful, dismissive, insensitive, and racist.

Why would you do this during Black History Month?! Talk about the blatant disregard for African-American people! The very people… I’m not going to go there.

Why?! Even after H&M, Prada, VA Governor, VA Atty General, and even regular college kids that have mocked blackface have been ripped apart and dragged for it? You thought this was okay?

What kind of FUCKED up horrible people do you have working for you? I am sure, 100% sure, nobody in that room was black. Not a one!

What I do know is that everyone in that room can read, they know right from wrong, they know about sensitivity, they know about humanity, they know how to say NO. They are all adults.

Yet, nobody in that room broke a sweat over this… why? B/c they just didn’t care. Bottom line!

They didn’t care b/c it didn’t affect them. It didn’t involve them. Not their culture, their heritage, their skin color, so… it’s cool, right?! It’s just a shirt, jacket, or shoes.


How many times, do we have to say this? How many? B/c it’s not that you can’t read about other offenses that happen with other brands/stores. Take that knowledge and learn from it! 

No. That’s too much like right. Instead, you think, I am going to create something that’s akin to that, but not that, and all will be well.

WRONG AGAIN!!! It’s not okay.

The next time you think of doing something like this… THINK AGAIN!! It’s not cute. It’s not flattering. It’s not OKAY!

A History Lesson: Nope, not today!

I’m not about to write out something that people don’t even care about or will read and ignore.

The pictures below point to where this came from. It was wrong then and it’s wrong now.

Comments via Social Media:

Many celebrities took to Instagram to voice their opinions about the outrage and nerve of Gucci. Rapper T.I. proposed that people boycott the clothing brand for 3 months.

Rapper Waka Flocka said something that made so much sense. He stated that these clothing brands don’t even make stuff to fit African-American people properly. Their clothes are usually too small for our assets and bodies. We are not their target audience. They make clothing for Europeans.

Comedienne Amanda Seales stated that she just assumes all of these companies are racist. 

In Closing:

The jacket is from Moncler. The “toys” are from Prada. Katy Perry had some shoes that were out of line and resembled blackface.

I have to be fair and mention that Gucci and Prada did issue an apology. Not sure about Moncler. All I could think about while reading it was: It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.  

It ain’t right. It will never be okay. Just b/c these brands don’t make clothing for us or our body type, doesn’t mean they get to demean and dehumanize us. 

If this were the other way around and the shoe was on the other foot… trust and believe these companies would be out of business before we finished reading the news article!! But, well… nevermind.


Maybe the answer is to put a bit of DIVERSITY in the rooms where the approvals happen and fire those that continue to come up with insensitive, racist, disrespectful, ignorant, and demeaning concepts. 

Or we can always, Always, ALWAYS choose to support black companies and businesses instead of begging a bunch of people, who don’t care, to be more diverse and culturally sensitive.

Either way, I’m done. :/

Note: I would like to apologize to my mom for the cursing. It’s my written expression… I promise. ❤