Let me say that I will never blame anyone who says that they were attacked, but I am very disappointed and annoyed at the way this story is twisting and turning.

First, two Nigerian brothers were arrested and released. Apparently, they know Jussie b/c they have worked with him before and said that they had rehearsed the attack. Then, a video was released yesterday showing the brothers buying a ski mask, red hat, and other evidence on January 28th, the day before the alleged attack.


Chicago PD released a statement saying that Jussie is now a suspect and will possibly be charged for making a false report, a Class 4 felony. Then, the FBI has begun an investigation into the mysterious threats. Story here.

I don’t know what actually happened, like the majority of us. However, with the way things are unfolding… this doesn’t look good for Jussie.

Everyone had his back including many of his celebrity friends and regular people alike. Just based on who he is and how he is perceived along with today’s racial climate… there was just no question of whether this incident was true or not. Until the facts started coming out and rumor mill started moving.

My own mother asked me if I was going to retract my statement in support of him and justice (post here). I told her no, I will wait for the investigation to conclude before saying anything else. If I am wrong for believing him, then oh well! 


As the investigation continues, it seems more and more likely that he could have possibly made this up. However, what doesn’t make sense is… why? I mean, what would be the reason for lying about being attacked in the manner that he claimed? #QTNA 


On the surface, things were seemingly going well for him. His career. His huge, close-knit family. His music. I don’t understand what he would gain by doing this. I just don’t get it. 

Apparently, he’s done something similar to this back in 2007 and let’s be real… we all know that the memes are already circulating and Black Twitter never forgets, so… :/

I hope the TRUTH, whatever that may be, comes out! I don’t know what that means entirely, but if Jussie is on the losing end of that TRUTH… then he really messed things up for himself, professionally and personally. Reputation on trash level.

Jussie maintains his innocence and lack of involvement in orchestrating this attack as well as sending himself mysterious threats. Empire reps choose to stand with him and issued a statement debunking rumors that his scenes were cut for the upcoming second half of the season. 

ETA: This Just In…

Jussie has been formally charged with the felony, disorderly conduct. Story here. He’s not in custody right now but is due in court later today. The evidence will be presented to the Grand Jury.

I just want to say that this is so unbelievable. Like, I am genuinely flabbergasted b/c I don’t see any reason why someone would do this… and to this extent. Like Ice Cube Jr said, there could have been some real consequences, real problems behind this. People were down for him. Had his back without question. 

Ice Cube Jr went on to say, People out there are really this hateful! Really this racist! There was no need to make something like this up. He’s right! Victim-blaming is a real thing. Many people suffer in silence b/c they fear they won’t be believed when real shit, real trauma happens to them.

People on social media were saying that he could possibly harm himself b/c of the way things unfolded. The embarrassment. The humiliation. Let’s just hope he doesn’t harm himself, but instead, get the help he seems to desperately need. 

Honestly, I still want answers. There are still many, many questions that remain unanswered, mainly WHY? The investigation continues. 

What do you all think about all this? Comment below.