Pregnancy. It’s a beautiful thing. It varies from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy. Some pregnancies are easy, some pregnancies are tough. Some are full-term, some don’t make it that far. No two pregnancies are alike. 

What’s apparent in the infertility community, is that it’s a touchy subject for some women. It seems like you’ve been trying, trying, hoping, and praying, but it still doesn’t happen. It’s even worse when you sit on the sidelines while your friends and family get pregnant, seemingly without effort. Story here.

So, what do you do?! You grin and bear it… hopefully, with a genuine smile. 😁

The pregnancy announcements. Baby showers and gift shopping. The birth announcements. Growing baby bumps. All in an effort to be happy for your friends and family, but in reality… you’re slowly dying inside wondering when your time will come. 

It’s Okay:

images (1)Listen, it’s okay to be a bit envious b/c your sister, friend, cousin, random lady all have what you want. That’s normal. You’re human.

Logically, you know that your time is coming. However, wanting it right now when they have it is that ego and instant gratification that we all have within us. We’re all adults, so we know when we are going overboard with something such as being envious and jealous or petty. 

The trick is not to let it consume you or get to the point where you are letting it affect your relationships. The ability to be truly and genuinely happy for others, especially when they have what you want, is what’s important here. 

My Story Time

heartHonestly, I have been trying to get pregnant since March 2018. Didn’t happen. My sister, who lived with me at the time, was pregnant with twin girls and delivered in July 2018. 

You want to talk about some pregnancy envy?! Yes, I had it… but not bad enough to overshadow our relationship or living environment.

I was honest with her about my feelings about her pregnancy, which didn’t include me trying to get pregnant, to clear the air within my household.  I wanted to make sure that I didn’t “throw shade” or subconsciously do anything she would interpret as hurtful.

I was also supportive of her knowing that she was considered high-risk and would need some understanding and love in order to have a stress-free environment. This was hard, but that was a part of the growth, my growth.

Did it hurt me at times, yep! 

Am I still trying to get pregnant? Not at the moment due to work stress, but once I get that under control and change some things… I will get back to it.

Meanwhile, my nieces are thriving and happy at 8 months old. ❤

Word of Advice:

download (1)It wasn’t my time. I had to accept that. It just wasn’t my time… and in the end, I had to put TTCing on hold anyway. 

Being supportive of her doesn’t mean that my time will never come. I don’t have to dim my own light or curve my own dream of becoming a mother, just b/c it was her time… for the 4th time. 🤣🤣

My nieces and nephew… are all adorable and I’m glad they are here. I wouldn’t have it ANY. OTHER. WAY! ❤

My timing… is my timing. When it is my turn, the timing will be perfect. I will audibly thank God that it happened when it did, how it did, and be glad it took so long b/c it will be perfect for ME. 

Finally, to all the women out there TTCing… your time will come. Post hereI guarantee you that you’ll be happy things didn’t happen when you wanted them to and instead be happy they happened when they did. 😉