Parents usually want the best for their children and mostly that means they want better for their children than they had for themselves. The best can include homes, role models, education, life… the list goes on.

Among those things is the ultimate challenge, getting their children the best education. It’s no secret that some of the most underfunded schools and impoverished areas are where black and brown people live. So, why wouldn’t this mother try to get her son a better education, right? 

The problem isn’t what she did, but how she did it. This is a homeless mother, who put her freedom on the line, to get her child in a good school, in a good area, where he could learn, grow, and thrive… yet, she ends up in jail for 5 years. Story here.


Story Recap:

Let’s get this out the way… what she did and the intent behind what she did wasn’t illegal, but how she went about it was wrong. Yes, she has a right to want the best for her child. Every parent should share that same sentiment!

However, she was homeless.

That means she didn’t have a fixed address, nobody could send her any mail. She didn’t belong to any area, but still, she had to find a way to send her child to school. If she didn’t, she would be charged with neglect, right?! 

So, what did she do instead… she used her babysitter’s address to send her child to school. She dodges the neglect charge b/c he’s in school. According to the article, “McDowell at the time said she and her son were able to sleep at an apartment in Bridgeport at night, but during the day had to leave, and lived in her van or at shelters.”

Now, she feels she’s in the clear except… she illegally used the babysitter’s address in Bridgeport to send her child to school, so now, let’s hassle her b/c she really belongs in Norwalk.


B/c that’s where her last fixed address was, so obviously, he should have gone to school in that district instead. Oh, really? Where does it say that in her homeowner’s documents? She’s homeless, remember? :/

Well, they charge her with larceny for that, but in looking at her criminal history… they see she’s had drug charges.

BOOM! 5 years in prison and whatever else they wanted to tack on… probation, etc.

According to the article, she is reported as saying, “I have no regrets seeking a better education for him, I do regret my participation in this drug case.

Let’s be clear that the drug case has nothing to do with her son, but well… here’s our justice system at work tho.

A Rant in my Spirit:

So, you mean to tell me… that a mother sent her child to school in the wrong district ended up with 5 years in prison, which they said was due to drugs, but that’s not really believable. 

Case in point — According to the Yahoo article,

…while it’s uncommon for parents to be arrested for sending their kids to a school outside their district, it does happen. ‘In Ohio, Kelley Williams-Bolar was charged for lying about her residency to get her child into a better school and ordered to pay restitution of $30,000,’ she said. ‘When she didn’t pay it, she was sent to jail for 15 days.

But Aunt Becky, Lynette, and many others can pay millions, MILLIONS, to steal whole ass college admission spots at Ivy League schools for their undeserving, spoiled, and privileged children b/c they have money, influence, and a sense of entitlement? Post here.

downloadYet this mother is homeless and wants her son to have a better education and that’s wrong? How is this fair? How? 

We know the justice system isn’t set up for black and brown folks to win. You know how EYE know… b/c the prisons are filled with nothing, but black and brown people. There were judges being paid off to fill those prisons. Police are of the mindset to shoot first, ask questions later.

Look at the history of how law enforcement came to be! UGH! 😒 

Yet, we try to get the best for our children and teach our children to work their asses off to be the best. Still, we end up getting half of what we work twice as hard for. Story here.

We end up jailed unjustly or killed or mistreated or abused. Punishments don’t fit the crimes. Lives are lost. Time keeps moving forward. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it back.

Why do we keep trying… b/c we owe it to our children. We owe to ourselves. We owe it to the generations that come after us. We are… Strong. Resilient. Unrelenting. Determined. Brave. Courageous. Tenacious. Educated. Beautiful. Deserving. ❤

Word of Advice

download (1)Keep praying.

Keep moving forward.

Keep striving for better.

Keep those degrees coming.