Twins. Oh, the joys of having two babies at one time. They can be girls, boys, or a girl and a boy. They can be identical or fraternal. Learning that you have twins on the way can be exciting or scary. Either way, prepare yourselves. 😊

But, everyone loves them even tho they can be a handful at times. They are adorable. They can sometimes switch up on you or you can tell them apart very easily. It’s all a matter of their personalities.  

Imagine what happens when one screws up, but they both get in trouble. I would venture to say it wouldn’t be the first time especially if they are identical. Story here.

Justice Scales and books and wooden gavel
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Story Recap

images (1)A pair of twins, known only as Fernando and Fabricio, live in Brazil. One twin had a casual fling that produced a baby girl with a random woman. The woman doesn’t know which twin it was, as they are identical. 👩‍👧

The judge ordered the twins to appear in court to answer for child support. They had DNA tests done and both came back positive, but neither man would own up to being the father of the baby. 

The judge, having had enough of their bullshit, decides… okay, since neither man will admit to sleeping with this woman, you will both pay child support for this baby girl. That equals up to $60/per man, per month.

The judge stated that they are both responsible b/c they are denying the baby the chance to know her father.

According to HuffPost, the judge then stated, “the deadbeat father is acting in ‘bad faith’ and ‘such vile behavior cannot be tolerated by the law.'” 

The judge concluded that both men’s names will appear on the baby’s birth certificate.

A Rant in my Spirit:

downloadListen, Rico and Fabio… 

This is low. One of you didn’t have an issue having sex with this woman, but you’re too stupid to know that sex could produce a child? Really?! 

Then, when you get in front of the judge… you don’t say anything. Nothing. 

Neither one of you said anything b/c you thought since nobody confessed, they would just drop it, right?

I mean, why not? You got away with this plenty of times before, so it’s going to work again, right?

🗣 NOPE! 

You are too damn old to be out here creating babies and not taking responsibility for them. I am SO GLAD that the judge made you both pay! 

Damn dummies! 😒

Look, you may have fooled people a few times when you were younger, but that doesn’t work with the long arm of the law… as you can see. 

Word of Advice

download (1)Both of you deserved this! I just wish the payments weren’t so low. 

Oh, and I damn sure agree with both names being on the birth certificate b/c the DNA came back positive for both of you, idiots. 

Next time, be a man and take responsibility for your actions‼

… and for the twin that had nothing to do with this, it’s okay that you stood tall for your twin brother, but I hope you know where to draw the line.

Next time, it could be something more serious than paternity testing and $60/month. Maybe wear protection if you don’t want kids. 😑🤦🏾‍♀️