Pacifier. Binky. Chupo. Paci. There are many names for the best thing in the world when your baby is crying. Whether the baby hasn’t learned how to self-soothe yet or they are cranky or mom is busy and can’t get to them at the moment… pacifiers to the rescue! 👶🏾

Yes, they are very helpful and useful when it comes to your baby. Bottom line, they are the “genius” invention. The real MVP of parenting. 😂

So, imagine my surprise when a mother posted online about her baby’s many pacifiers. She said she got the idea to keep them in the bed with the baby in case she loses the one she went to sleep with, which happens every night. Story here.

Photo Credit: Laura Gerson

Story Recap:

Laura’s daughter, Amelia (8-months), goes to sleep with a pacifier. Every night, Amelia wakes up in the middle of the night b/c she’s lost her pacifier and can’t find it.

When she losses the pacifier, it’s is usually wrapped up in the blanket or has fallen down into the open space between the rail and bed where she can’t get it.

This causes Amelia to cry and Mom has to get up and take her another pacifier. Mom also reports that if she can manage to find the pacifier, then she’ll go back to sleep. Most nights, she can’t find the pacifier.

Mom got the idea to put multiple pacifiers in the bed, so that when Amelia tries to find one, it’s always there. This allows Mom not to have to wake up at night to give her one.

Then, she posted her “genius” idea online where it went viral and some moms are reporting that they never thought to do this before.

Some of the responses were different, such as “they have glow in the dark pacifiers that are easier to find in the dark.” One lady said that she “attaches a pacifier to the blanket” on purpose when her child loses their pacifier.

A Rant in my Spirit:

downloadI’m going to cut to the chase. This shouldn’t it have gone viral. There… I said it.

While I understand the need to sleep through the night, this “genius” idea seems really costly.

Good pacifiers aren’t cheap. I mean, if you’re getting them for free then rock on, but in the grand scheme of things… this doesn’t make sense to me. 

I don’t know why someone would buy more pacifiers when they make pacifiers that can be attached to clothing with clips. It’s right there. Easy to grab and available.

How do I know?

B/c my 8-month old twin nieces have the clip attaching their pacifier to their clothing. They stay sleep throughout the night and they never lose their pacifiers.

So, really… this went viral? 🤨🤨🤨 This “hack” wasn’t new or original.

A Word of Advice:

I’m going to keep this short.

While I’m not attacking the mom for sharing something that works for her and her baby… I’m amused at how easily people are to jump on the bandwagon, so much so, that it went viral.

Why? I truly don’t get it. 🤔🤔

There’s plenty of moms that have done this already and a glow in the dark pacifier on the market that helps with this very issue. 

So, I guess I don’t understand why it went viral as if it’s some new thing, craze, or fad that nobody thought of before, as the headline tried to convey. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

This wasn’t really a life or baby “hack,” it was a solution that worked for her and that’s okay. I guess I don’t know why she didn’t try the glow in the dark pacifiers or clips to solve her issue.