This is another FB group recommendation. I had never heard of this book until about a month or two ago when the women were going crazy over who I assumed is the main character, which is a little girl. I had to check it out! 

When I read the summary, I realized that it involves a mother/daughter relationship, which is a dynamic that has always interested me. I got excited b/c it can go so many ways, from best friends to mortal enemies. So, I’m like… okay! 🙃

This is a psycho-thriller, which means that I have to be ready for anything. So right off the bat, I know that I will be paying close attention to the way the author chooses to paint these characters. Cool… let’s go! 😎

Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage


This book is about a little girl named Hanna and her mother, Suzette. Hanna, at only 7 years old, is very manipulative, calculating, and basically… too smart for her own damn good. Her main goal is to eliminate her mother, which is very dark, abnormal, and tragic.

1_bd7be7f5f59de23be8d1e1a966db69ca.jpgSuzette, however, is on to Hanna’s antics. She quit her job to care for her when she was born and has been home with her every day since then. Suzette homeschools Hanna b/c she gets thrown out of every school she attends, on purpose. She is at her wits end with Hanna. Alex, Hanna’s father & her husband, is oblivious to everything going on between his wife and daughter, at first. 

This journey is about Hanna’s antics to drive her mother batshit crazy, possibly kill her in the process, if she’s lucky. Hanna is quite clever tho. She doesn’t speak. She even conjured up a different personality that speaks for her at times, a witch named Marie-Anne Dufosset. I mean, she really tries her best to outsmart, outwit, and outlast her mother. 

Real World:

How you ever heard of the Oedipus Complex? It’s a concept that came from Sigmund Freud, which states that a child falls in love with their opposite-sex parent and wants their same-sex parent out of the picture b/c they are seen and treated as a rival, threat. 

Hanna wages war against her mother for her father’s time, attention, and love. Not so much in the sexual sense, but in the sense that she’s more worthy of it than her mother. She makes several references that relate to killing her mother or wanting her to disappear for good. 😈

Some of her antics are very physical starting with hair cutting and getting more heinous as time goes on. She purposefully does things that make her mother physically sick, emotionally upset, or causes her to question her own mental sanity. 


Listen, this book did not disappoint! 😊🙃 I am so glad that I gave it a chance and was open to the dynamics of this twisted mother/daughter relationship. I definitely recommend it! 

The way the author wrote it, switching back and forth between mother and daughter was perfect! I mean, I read it every chance I got b/c I wanted to see what Hanna would do next.

This book is definitely for anyone that was interested in psychopathic children and being kept on your toes. I mean, let’s face it… I think Hanna and the Bride of Chucky would have definitely been fast friends. 😂😂

Let me know if you decide to read this book. I want to know what you thought about it. Comment below!