Childbirth. For some, it’s easy. For others, it’s hard. For some, it’s a couple days in the hospital with your new bundle of joy. For others, it’s a bit more complex than that. Whatever your feelings about childbirth are… there’s one thing I know. Once it begins, there’s no stopping it. 

That baby is ready to come into the world. However, what happens when there are hiccups in that labor and delivery process or after the delivery? I have talked about pregnancy and childbirth in relation to women of color before, post here.

However, it has now become important on a national level. Presidential Hopeful and Senator, Elizabeth Warren, stated that she plans to reward hospitals that make it safer for women of color to have children. Article here.

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Story Highlights:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren plans to drive down the maternal mortality rates in women of color by offering rewards for their efforts to combat the issue.

  • Medical providers should be rewarded with “bonus” funds for reducing those numbers, which are three or four times higher than for white women.
  • I want to see the hospitals see it as their responsibility to address this problem head-on and make it a first priority. The best way to do that is to use money to make it happen, because we gotta have change and we gotta have change now.
  • Warren offering her plan: “Hit health care providers in their wallets,” she tweeted. “Make it unacceptable for providers to tolerate our high rates of moms dying—especially black moms.”
  • We’ve done this in other areas of health care. Let’s do it here,” Warren added. “If providers deliver quality care to black moms, they’ll make more. If they don’t, they’ll make less… Make providers pay until this crisis is fixed.
  • Warren said that “doctors and nurses don’t hear African American women’s medical issues the same way that they hear the same things from white women.
  • Both Warren and the questioner pointed to the fact that those disproportionately high mortality rates transcended the economic status of the women in danger.
  • The issue recently made headlines outside of medical and political spheres after tennis great Serena Williams went public with her own near-deadly experience in childbirth, saying both a doctor and nurse dismissed her concerns over potentially life-threatening blood clotting — conditions that were subsequently confirmed with a CT scan.
  • Even after we do the adjustments for income, for education this (problem) is true across the board,” she said. “This is true for well-educated African American women for wealthy African American women, and the best studies that I’ve seen put it down to just one thing: prejudice.

A Rant in my Spirit

downloadThis is going to be short and sweet. 


Yes, women are dying during childbirth. That’s nothing new.

I’m simply saying that women, regardless of who they are or where they come from, deserve great healthcare. Period. 

These medical professionals especially doctors, take an oath: To first, do no harm. Yet here they are telling someone their pain is in their heads. Fuck outta here! Since when is it okay for some nurse or doctor to be judge and jury on a woman’s pain?

It’s lazy! It’s inhumane! It’s cruel! It’s an embarrassment to the medical profession!

While I am not endorsing Sen. Elizabeth Warren, I do not agree with medical professionals being paid more money to do what they took an oath to do in the first place. 

Why should they get more money to stop treating women of color like they don’t matter or exist? They shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. They need to turn this around and start making examples out of people. 

Those who participate in this practice of medical neglect: They deserve to be fired, jailed, license revoked, barred from the profession, and ordered to pay a hefty fine to the families that received that lackluster healthcare.


Word of Advice:

download (1)If you, as a medical professional, don’t want to do your job, then QUIT! It’s really that fucking simple.

Nobody has time to tell you assholes that what you’re doing is wrong, you know that. You just don’t care. If that’s your attitude, then QUIT!