Social media. People share pictures. They share all good news of promotions, buying a new car, buying a new house, having a baby, and getting engaged. People use it to keep up with family, friends, and yes, even ex-loves. 

There is a downside to social media tho. People start comparing their lives to the happy, excited, and colorful lives of others. There’s cyberbullying. It’s another way to access children for predators.

Speaking of predators, a father pretended to be his daughter when he found out a grown man was trying to lure his daughter into a dangerous situation and police arrested the man (pictured below). Article here.

Brandon Ruff/Sammy Castro

Article Highlights:

  • A southern Indiana father was able to capture an alleged child predator who contacted his 13-year-old child on Facebook, according to the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.
  • The dad was checking his child’s Facebook when he noticed 29-year-old Brandon Ruff making contact with the child.
  • By pretending to be his child, the dad was able to get Ruff to come to the family’s home in rural Scott County to meet who he thought was the 13-year-old. 
  • When Ruff arrived on Wednesday, he was met by the father, who held him until deputies arrived.
  • When officers arrested Ruff, they investigated further and found out he had made friends with the child and had allegedly made arrangements to meet on prior occasions.
  • Ruff was arrested on charges of false informing, child solicitation, and child molestation with a child under 14 years old using a computer and traveling to the child.
  • Investigators are looking into the possibility of other victims.
  • The sheriff’s office is urging parents to check their children’s Facebook pages, especially messenger, to see if their children have had contact with Ruff.
  • Ruff also had a fake Facebook page listed as Sammy Castro. It is thought Ruff could be posing as a wrestler to gain the confidence of the children.

A Rant in my Spirit

downloadFirst, shoutout to the dad for checking behind his daughter. In all honesty, all parents should be parenting their teenagers in a like manner.

Yes, that means checking behind them. Ensuring they are staying safe. Blocking certain things. I mean, no… you can’t be with them 24/7/365. However, you can still do your part as a parent.

I really think the problem is that these parents are out here trying to be friends with their children, which is how some of these things happen. Many teens slip through the cracks and next thing you know they are missing or dead. 

Social media is a good thing. It can be fun when used in the right ways, but we have to understand that it’s another way for child predators to access children and lure them into danger. 

A Word of Advice:

download (1)Yes, your teenagers are more secretive, stubborn, and sneaky. They don’t want to share things with their parents. They are more likely to talk to their friends about things that trouble them than their parents. 

However, please, please, please… try to find out what’s going on with them anyway. 

Talk to them. Spend time with them. Get to know their friends. Have them check in with you throughout the day. Have computers in the living room, so you can monitor their social media activity. 

No, you won’t be able to control everything, but this is for their safety and your peace of mind, right? I think it’s worth it to put a bit more effort into monitoring your children’s social media and Internet activities.

On another note, I commend this parent. He was doing a routine check and found out this information about his child. Imagine if he hadn’t done this and his child went missing or showed up dead somewhere and he was too busy working trying to provide for his family.

No, I’m not shaming anyone for their parenting style or choices regarding your children. I am simply just asking you all to put a bit more effort into monitoring your children on social media and on the Internet, it’s worth it if it’ll keep them safe. 😉 ❤

For parents that routinely check their children’s social media, what are some other tips you can provide? Comment below.