Imagine a nice day. You’re spending time with your daughter after work and school. Sun will set in another hour, so you’re outside on your porch just talking to each other.

Down the street comes a mother and child that attends your daughter’s school. The mother comes to talk to you, but as you’re talking to the mother, your daughter and the other girl start arguing and then fighting.

Before you can react, some other girls come to join in and everyone is fighting your child. So, now it’s 1 person against 5 other girls plus the mom, in this big fight. What do you do? Article here.


Article Highlights (according to

  • Keisha Rankins, 34, was outside with her teenage daughter when the girl was confronted by another teen and her mother. 
  • Rankins and the other girl’s mother began talking. 
  • Soon after, the teens started to fight over a dispute that lingered for days before turning violent.
  • Several other teenaged girls, including the other girl’s mother, jumped into the fight to harm Rankins’ daughter.
  • Rankins allegedly picked up a can of mace from the ground and started spraying to get everyone off of her daughter.
  • When police arrived, they noticed several teen girls suffering from breathing issues that likely stemmed from being sprayed by mace.
  • Authorities arrested Rankins, who was charged with three counts of malicious assault by acid-explosive-fire, two counts of assault, and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

A Rant in my Spirit:

downloadListen, Linda… 

This is one jail trip that I would have been glad to take.

You’re not gonna run up on my child, niece, nephew, mom, sister, etc. with me standing there just watching. 

Of course, there will be common sense, but soon as my “whoever” is outnumbered, I will be jumping in it, too! Mmmkay! 

🗣You don’t touch mine!🛑

That’s an instinct. Innate. That’s something you don’t have to think about. It just IS.

That goes for my children, my mom, my sister, my nieces/nephews, my friends… hell even my damn dog… Whoever. If it ain’t one on one, we’re gonna have a problem. PERIODT! 

This mom, Keisha, jumped in to protect hers and that will never be a problem to me especially since it was several, SEVERAL other girls that jumped in the fight even tho it started off as a one-on-one fight.

A Word of Advice:

download (1)Even tho Ms. Rankins was arrested for all these charges, doesn’t mean she’ll be convicted on all of them. Depending on what happens, I might add money to her books. 💲💲

The point here is that she did what she could to save her child. Nothing wrong with that b/c that’s an instinct. At any point, this fight could have been deadly. So, I applaud her! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

I hope the justice system sees that she was trying to stop something that could have ended up deadly had she not been there or didn’t think to act that fast… and drops those charges. However, I really wouldn’t hold my breath b/c the justice system is set up against brown and black people. 

I really wonder who else got arrested and what their charges were b/c the article doesn’t state anything about the other people involved… Wonder why. 🤨🤨

If you, as a parent, would have reacted differently… please share what you would have done? I’m curious to know. Comment below.