Menstrual cycles. A necessary evil. Some women have it easy. While other women have it hard. Some cycles are very consistent down to the hour of the day. While other women have sporadic cycles.

It really depends on many varying factors: the woman, weight, height, medical history, current medications, menstrual cycle history, pregnancies, etc. By no stretch of the imagination are women’s bodies considered the same or normal. 

So, here we are: Women thinking they can change their bodies natural processes by using a vacuum. I mean, I’ve never heard of such, but it’s been happening since the 1970s. Well, two women have been hospitalized b/c of it. Article here.


Article Highlights:

  • A nurse in Seattle claims two young women were hospitalized this week after trying to use a vacuum hose to end their periods early.
  • The women were aged 23 and 19, and both went into ‘shock’ after the DIY method triggered a rush of blood
  • So-called ‘Menstrual Extraction’ was first described in the 70s as a way to perform an abortion at home.
  • Recently it has gained popularity as a method to end periods early.
  • They described how to construct a contraption – called a Del-Em – using a syringe, a cannula, a speculum, and a jar. Tools

  • Once abortions became legal across the US, ‘ME’ was largely sidelined. 

  • The nurse who posted the tweet added: ‘I don’t know if it was Eureka, Dyson, Hoover or some Walmart brand, but yes… An actual vacuum cleaner.’

  • Dr. Adeeti Gupta, OBGYN, told ‘It’s a terrible, unsafe idea. It can lead to severe vaginal injuries and infections. 
    • ‘Menstrual bleeding is an active and natural process, it’s not just sitting in the uterus in a pool that can be sucked out. Please don’t even think about it.  

    • ‘Thankfully we don’t see this often. Menstrual extraction via vacuum can definitely send you into shock. It’s very real and I have thankfully not seen this happen recently. But I have seen shock happen in similar situations before.

    • Shock can happen either due to severe vaginal injuries leading to blood loss or just due to stimulation of the nerves in that region which can cause the body to go into a neurogenic shock.’
  • Speaking to Mic, Dr. Brian Levine of CCRM fertility clinic in New York, said: ‘This is a serious medical procedure with serious ramifications if not done correctly. 
    • ‘Any time you are instrumenting anything into the uterus, you put yourself at risk of perforation, of bleeding and hemorrhage, of infection, of sterility. It is not something to experiment with. 

    • ‘I think the women who say it’s safe to do at home are overstating their capabilities.’ 

A Rant in my Spirit:

downloadListen, menstrual cycles are a pain in the ass sometimes. Trust me, I know… especially with the many issues I have been having lately. 😏😏

However, they are a part of life. A very necessary part. While I get the idea of trying to “cheat” the inner workings of your body to make the necessary process quicker, I don’t see why anyone would do “cheat” their own bodies to their own detriment.

Like, at that point, you might as well have the actual period you’re trying so desperately to avoid.

While I understand that medically menstrual cycles can be manipulated by birth control and other forms of hormones, none of that means that you can completely erase them yourself, on your own, or by using Google.

Let’s be real, you’re not a medical doctor nor expert on how to eradicate your menses and hopefully, you’re aware that you need a doctor’s help to do that.

I would hope that I wouldn’t have to tell grown women this, but I do, so here it is: DO NOT DO THIS!!! 

A Word of Advice:

download (1)If you are a woman and are that bothered by your menstrual cycle, a natural process, then please talk to your GYN or even another doctor before handling things yourself. 

Be safe. Be Responsible. Be Informed. ❤