Graduation. The most “looked forward to” event in life, especially as a teenager. For some, it means college. For others, it means the military. Still, for others, it means… well, who knows. 

Then, there’s the valedictorian. This is the person with the highest GPA in school, someone that took the hardest classes and passed with ease, the person with the highest ACT or SAT scores, and ALL the extracurriculars. 

With that honor, comes a speech. Nobody could have guessed it would be “The BIG Payback” tho once this valedictorian took the stage. Article here.


Article Highlights:

  • A San Diego high-school student’s valedictorian graduation speech has gone viral after she used parts of it to call out what she saw as disappointing behavior from school staff.
  • San Ysidro High School senior, Nataly Buhr, took the stage during the June 6 ceremony, where she first genuinely expressed thanks to many of the adults at her school for:
    • being so invested in your students’ education and well-being.


  • Nataly’s speech then took an unexpected turn when she called out — without naming names — certain teachers and administrative staff for failing to set a true example for herself and other students.
    • Thanks for teaching me to fend for myself: You were always unavailable to my parents and I, despite appointments,” she addressed her counselor. “You expressed to me your joy in knowing that one of your students was valedictorian, [funny] when you had absolutely no role in my achievements.
    • Another bit of Nataly’s criticism was aimed at staff in the school’s main office, whom she thanked for “teaching me how to be resourceful” in the wake of their “negligence to inform me of several scholarships until the day before they were due potentially caused me to miss out on thousands of dollars.”
    • “When applying for a work permit, you repeatedly turned me away, despite confirming with my employer and my parents that all of my paperwork was filled out correctly,” she continued. “I’ve had to escalate issues with staff [up] to an assistant principal various times to reach any sort of solution.”
  • But perhaps the most shocking moment was when Nataly turned the conversation to “the teacher who was regularly intoxicated during class this year,” which prompted gasps from the crowd.
    • Thank you for using yourself as an example to teach students about the dangers of alcoholism. Being escorted by police out of school left a lasting impression,” she said boldly.
  • Concluding her speech, “I hope that future students and staff learn from these examples.”
  • Nataly stood by her comments but clarified her speech, noting that “The first half of the speech wasn’t shown on social media posts.”
  • “In the beginning, I recognized and thanked those who I believe went above and beyond for the students,” she said. “I understand that those I criticized may be facing personal issues, but I don’t think that should affect their commitments or the school’s responsibility to fulfill those commitments. I didn’t expect for change to come from my speech, but I was hoping it would encourage more students to speak up.”

A Praise in my Spirit:

No, there isn’t a rant. Why would there be? But there is a praise in my spirit tho… 


Nataly spoke from her experiences and was clever in doing so. What were they going to do to her, expel her? 🤨😂😂

clappingThey didn’t see it coming and sometimes… that’s the best way to get them. Had they seen it coming, they would have stopped her. However, b/c they didn’t… she was able to be victorious. 

I am always ⬇ for a clever retort or clever payback. Always. Why?! B/c people can be assholes and deserve it. 🤷🏾‍♀️

The educators and staff should be ashamed of their conduct especially the guidance counselor, who was ethically wrong 10 ways from Sunday. 

How you call yourself a counselor of any sort, but aren’t helping the population you see every day? How does that happen? 😒😒

Whatever consequences they have coming, so shall they receive

A Word of Advice:

download (1)This goes out to the useless teachers and staff – Don’t like your job… QUIT! No use in “fakin’ the funk” b/c your jobs are too important to do that!

Your influence and reach are too far and wide to be taken for granted. I hope that now that the important people know about your fallacies and dysfunctions, they take the appropriate actions. 

Congratulations! You played yourselves. (c) DJ Khaled

Nathaly – I love that you were able to speak up! As you said, not enough people do. I used to have problems speaking up when I wasn’t angry. 

Then, I heard a quote on the ID Channel. “Your silence is approval.” That simple statement said spoke volumes to me and I started forcing myself to speak up when necessary b/c…

“If you don’t, they’ll abuse/use/mistreat you and say you liked it.” ~unknown

Continue to raise your voice and call out people in the cleverest ways of petty. I loved it! ❤ 😉