Leaving a workplace can bring on a lot of emotions. Either you’re happy, sad, ready, frustrated, overwhelmed, excited, or indifferent. It really just depends on the reasons for the change. 

Sam decided to leave his current job in an unexpected way: by playing one last prank. Now, 99.5% of people probably wouldn’t do this, but Sam felt it was needed… one last hoorah to express his acknowledgement of the company’s loss! Article here.

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Article Highlights:

  • This happened in Sheffield, U.K.
  • Quitting your job is never a comfortable task, which is why a viral photo on Twitter of someone handing in a “so very sorry for your loss” card as their two-weeks notice is absolutely genius.
  • Twitter user “H.” posted a photo of the card their co-worker Sam turned in informing their boss he would no longer be working there.
  • The handwritten letter from the employee reads, “My last day at work is the 28th [of] July.”
  • The Twitter user who posted the photo said their manager is very friendly and “jokey with us all so we knew he wouldn’t be upset.”
  • “After Sam decided he’d be leaving to go pursue further education he thought this would be the perfect opportunity to play a final joke,” she added.
  • The Twitter post has gone viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes and tens of thousands of retweets.

A Praise in my Spirit:

Round of applause

Listen, I love the degree of “anonymity” that’s here. I mean, Sam really is a genius! 😂😂

I love that his approach was unique and indicative of the workplace environment that he’s going to be leaving. It’s fun, light-hearted, and humorous. Not the stern, professional, and stuffy way of doing things.

Leaving to pursue further education is common. I know I’ve done that before, but never could I have done it in this way b/c that wasn’t the environment that I worked in at the time. 

A Word of Advice

download (1)Some things will come to an end. That’s life.

However, when you can make it something that’s fun and light-hearted, it can definitely keep those relationships open and intact in case you need to return.

Nobody wants to leave a workplace b/c of negative reasons, but it happens. There’s nothing wrong with leaving a job to better yourself especially if you can’t make both of them work.

Good on Sam for bettering himself, good on the company he worked for, and good on everyone for having a sense of humor! ✌🏾