I don’t normally post about dating, marriage, intimate relationships, situationships, etc. However, there are still some people who may not know about red flags in a relationship… and there are many. 



Red flags can be anything:

  1. Too controlling (telling you what to wear, who to be friends with, what time to come home, tracking your comings and goings)
  2. Gaslighting (example below)
  3. Cutting up your clothes, pictures, furniture
  4. Threats to harm you, children, family, pets
  5. Punching, kicking, smacking, pushing, shoving, etc.
  6. Name-calling, putting you down
  7. Humiliating you/children in front of other people
  8. Stalking you (showing up where you are, but don’t want them to be such as your job, school/class)
  9. Isolating you from friends, family, coworkers
  10. Blames you for infidelity even when you’re faithful.
  11. Giving you an allowance when you work like he/she does
  12. Telling you what to eat/drink, having to ask for permission to do things.
  13. Calling or texting too much, checking your phone/social media


Does any of this sound like a healthy relationship? 🤨🤨


Listen, the picture above is true 😂😂… mostly due to the introvert in me. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ 

I’d rather be alone if I have to listen to someone treat me like a child when I was independent and happy before him and will be the same after he leaves.

He is the problem, not you! 

It’s okay to want to be in a relationship. We all want to be with someone b/c we are hard-wired to want and be that way. Nothing wrong with it. However, what you don’t want is to be miserable just to be with someone or say you have a man.

That’s NOT okay!

You are better than that. You are worth more. You deserve more… Believe that. Know that. Embrace that. Become that. 


🗣When you know your worth, you will raise your standards‼ Those that meet those standards, great! Those that don’t, move on. ✌🏾 ❤