977232_2ff6663fdc324484a904b90fd196cd21_mv2This post was floating around on FB a week ago and I read it the first time, but kind of moved on b/c it involved marriage and that’s not something that I should be speaking on since I’m not married. 

The second and third time I saw it, I said okay! Obviously, I’m supposed to write about it b/c it’s EVERYWHERE I look… literally. Different people are weighing in and I don’t have to focus on the marital part of it, right?! Right. 

WRONG! Yes, I want to write about it, but I cannot leave out the marital part b/c that’s a big part of it. I mean, it’s in the damn title… so, here we go!


What this woman went through is clearly rape. Why? She clearly said no. She was forced onto the bed. He threatened to harm her. She was scared. There was no consent! She called in sick b/c she felt terrible after he raped her. 

Let’s not forget… Rape isn’t about sex. Rape is about power. At the moment she was getting ready for work, he wanted to exert his power over her and he did.

FB_IMG_1492642656107.jpgSo much so, that he raped her and caused her to call in and not go to work, thus giving him what he wanted in the beginning.

Can you all see what happened here and why it’s considered marital rape? 

I really hate that this woman experienced this. I hate that she’s not educated enough to know it’s wrong and that she can reach out for help and assistance to leave that situation.

I hate that he robbed her of something that made her feel independent of him… her job, her self-worth, self-esteem, her dignity. He wanted her to depend on him financially, as she mentioned at the beginning of her post. He doubled down on it when he raped her on the day she was to return to work.

Word of Advice:

tumblr_ntaikmljG71ql5yr7o1_500While it’s true that I don’t know when this was written, it really doesn’t matter. There are women who still don’t know that sexual assault is sexual assault… even when the assailant is your husband, or in some cases, your wife. Yes, men can be sexually assaulted as well. 

The point is marital rape is a THING! It’s illegal and your husband or wife can go to jail for it. I won’t say it will be easy to prove in court b/c it’s not. Look up your state’s laws, get connected to your local sexual assault center or domestic violence program, and makes some moves! 💯