Everyone knows that going through TSA when they travel is a part of life. TSA is known for checking your bags, person, and sometimes your hair to make sure you don’t have weapons of any kind before you board the plane is their sole purpose. 

Sounds simple enough, right? One could also surmise that those TSA agents see a lot of people every day. I mean, they see so many people that pass through the various airports, so no one person, in particular, shouldn’t really stand out to them unless they have a weapon or drugs.

So, then why would a TSA agent in NY make it her business to tell a random man that he is ugly? Article here.


Article Highlights:

An airport security worker in New York has been fired for handing a passenger a handwritten note that said: “You ugly!!!”

The June incident came to light this week after passenger Neal Strassner obtained security video through a public records request and posted it to YouTube.

The video from Greater Rochester International Airport shows the worker handing Strassner the note after he passes through a metal detector.

Note: The video has no sound. 

Strassner says he didn’t think much of it and continued toward his gate. That’s when he says the woman yelled out: “You gonna open the note?”

Strassner says that when he did, the woman burst out laughing. He later complained to her supervisors

The Transportation Security Administration says the woman worked for a contractor. The agency says it has “zero tolerance for this type of behavior.”

A Rant in my Spirit:

tenor (1)I just want to say… this was one of the dumbest reasons to lose your job! It is hella hard it is to find a quality/decent job nowadays? But, I do wonder what she’s going to write as the reason she was let go from this position. 

She was working as a contractor, which means she wasn’t even a permanent employee, but still, I’m sure she was getting paid good money to do her job.

Now, why would you tell someone that they are “ugly” and put your job in jeopardy? Everyone has bills and bills don’t stop b/c you stop working, I want to know was it worth it?

FB_IMG_1492642656107.jpgOn top of that, you probably see a million people every week and I’m sure that some of them are what she would consider unattractive, so why would she tell this particular man that he was ugly?

Like, it just doesn’t make sense.

Another thing, who made her the judge and jury on who is attractive and who isn’t b/c let’s be honest… she wasn’t Beyonce or Fantasia fine her damn self. 


Words of Advice:

CanineOldGalapagospenguin-max-1mbWell, I got one thing to say to her b/c I mean, this was stupid and really could have been avoided had she minded her business and done her job… she’s an idiot. 

I don’t understand why you couldn’t have smiled and kept it moving like any other day. I don’t know what sparked this idea, but as DJ Khaled says…