searchDo you watch music videos? I’m sure growing up a lot of us did. I know I did. I used to watch Janet Jackson and do the dance moves to her “If” video. I used to watch the “Scream” video she did with her late brother, Michael, and do those moves too.

However, there is one video you may want to check out. You may remember Soul Asylum’s massive ’90s hit “Runaway Train.” The music video included photos of 36 missing children — 21 of whom were eventually found. Article here.

The song has been rerecorded by Jamie N. Commons, Skyler Grey, and Gallant. The video features six missing children and each time you watch it, it changes the children you see, but you must clear the browser’s cache.

First, it only features the missing children in the state you’re watching it in. Then, it changes the missing children, if you change states.

The video has already saved a life. A 16-year-old girl was reported missing in MN, someone saw her face on the video, encouraged her to go home, and she is now back home with her family. She’s doing very well.

giphyThe article reports, “Last week, the video began playing on screens at gas pumps in five states: California, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Texas.”

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children about 400,000 kids are reported missing to law enforcement every year, and the group maintains a database of cases.

“Utilizing technology like this, we’re really hoping that every (missing) child has a chance to be featured in this video,” Becky Kovar said.

A Praise in my Spirit:

giphyLet me just say that the idea to use this video as a way to bring missing children home is genius! I love it. It was great in the 90s and it’s great now. 

Music has always been a magical tool that can be used to bring about change, so why not think outside the box a little bit and add another dimension? Brilliant!

My hope is that millions of people watch this video, so that more and more children can find their way home to their respective families. ❤ 

Word of Advice

download (1)Watch the video. Share the video.

Let’s bring that 400,000 children down as much as possible.

Besides, you never know how you can help. Someone can help save a child in your life. Maybe you can save a child in someone else’s life. It really does take a village. 🌹