I’m going to be really transparent on this post b/c I hate that I even have to write it. I hate that in 2019… we have to have these difficult conversations with our children and yet here we are.

I hate that people of color have to wonder about our children coming home when we send them to school, work, play, swim, the store, hell… in the backyard to be children, b/c they are seen as a threat and not the children that they are. 

What do I mean? Their encounters with the P-O-L-I-C-E! 

Yes, we should teach our children to respect law enforcement b/c they keep things civil and uphold the law. They are there to protect and serve, however, what happens when that becomes unsafe for US.

Who do we call when we are in trouble? When someone is hurting US? Who is going to police the police? Are they really above the law? 

What do we teach our CHILDREN when it seems that the very same people who are supposed to protect and serve, are out here hunting us down in the streets? What then? 

Here’s what one parent told his child. It brought tears to my eyes b/c this is the world we live in. Here’s a link to specific instructions.

I saw a video of a man teaching his son through drills about how to respond when he’s pulled over by the police. This was his way of making sure that his son came home safely every night, but even then… that’s not even guaranteed. 

I mean, you can do everything right and still not make it home b/c of the trigger happy cops out there, who would rather pull the trigger rather than communicate. Smh. It’s really a shame that people have truly lost their humanity. 

Remember the poignant song that came out a year ago by Childish Gambino called This is America:

I say all this to say, have that VERY difficult conversation with your children. Let them know that “protect and serve” means something totally different today vs well… okay. Safety, law enforcement, police, long arm of the law, etc. means something totally different to people of color than it does to their white counterparts and yes, even as we move towards 2020. 

I mean, let’s be honest and say… law enforcement’s main objective when they were first formed, was to hunt down slaves and enforce the laws of slavery. So, I guess some officers are on par with that and nothing’s changed.


To be fair, let me also say that ALL police officers aren’t bad. I happen to know some really awesome police officers, personally. However, those few bad ones… definitely shine a horrible light on the whole, which is unfortunate. But we all know the saying, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

To be on the safe side, err on the side of caution, and prepare your children, so that they don’t get scared and run or say the wrong things to the wrong people. Teach them to ask for their parents. Say nothing, but still be respectful. 

We saw what happened in Ava’s When They See Us series. While that was back in the 90s, some of those same tactics are used today on people who still don’t know their rights and especially on people who don’t speak English well.

It still amazes me tho. The lengths people will go to just to be right, when they know, with 150% accuracy, that they are DEAD ASS WRONG! If this applies to you, then you’re who I am talking to. #SorryNotSorry 

When you can’t admit that you’re wrong, other people can get hurt behind your stubborness, lies, and bullshit. It’s selfishness at its worst!

If you take away nothing else, just be sure to inform yourselves and your children about your/their rights. Support them and each other. Lawyer up, if necessary. Look out for one another out there. Be safe. ❤