I have always bought into the narrative that people that hustle illegally, people who are in gangs, people who are dealing drugs are super smart people b/c they are trying to survive. They have figured out how to eat, live, and possibly “drip” as well.

I have always thought that they are just not feeling the legal way of doing things because of all the “red tape.” What do I mean by “red tape?” Taxes, Insurance, Overhead costs, Prison, Lawyers, Discrimination…


Then, I ran into this meme and I’m like… yeah! If people can running gangs, then they can run a legit company or if those talented children out there who write raps actually wrote a book or wrote music, they can all be legit, legal, and famous!

So, why aren’t they more interested in being on the right side of the law? Other than the fast money, women, and flexing on the ‘gram. I remembered this tweet from another post… 


It’s true that people would rather keep you in debt, then give you a shot at running your own business. Didn’t Jay-Z say that as well in on his 4:44 album on the Smile song, “Yeah, we deny black entrepreneurs, free enterprise. That’s why it’s a black market, that’s why it’s called ‘the trap’…”

I mean, stop me when I stop making sense. We can see it’s a trap to keep us in poverty, enslaved, submissive, and inferior. It’s not set up for US to win, however… 


One thing they’re not going to do is keep US down. We are too powerful, too amazing, too smart, too intelligent, too courageous, too fierce, and too brave to allow ANYONE to keep us from the greatness that we know we can achieve. 


We only have ONE life to live. I feel like we all have the tools or access to those tools to reach our fullest potential, so don’t sell yourself short. Get out there and be GREAT! 

I know you can do it, but you have to know that too. Go for it! ❤