Picture this, I’m 9 months pregnant and I start having contractions that I recognize isn’t Braxton-Hicks. The very first thing I’m going to do is call the doctor and make moves to go to the hospital… like any other woman in my position would do especially when they are coming close enough together.

How is it that hospitals can then turn women away for not being dilated as far as they’d like when they show up to the hospital? When it’s a first-time mom, she doesn’t know what to expect, she’s moving b/c she doesn’t want anything to happen at home. It’s instinct.


Of course, I know nobody can predict the future, but turning this family away was definitely the wrong course of action that night. I’m glad that they are speaking out about the treatment they received, but also about the beautiful life that came effortlessly into the world as well. Article here.

tenor (1)Obviously, I have questions. I think we have to look at this in many ways, but the first is always going to be was this a fair stance to take by the hospital? Yes, I am aware that they send women home all the time when they haven’t dilated at all or just 1cm at the most.

I haven’t heard of them sending a woman home for being dilated 2 or more cms b/c it can move rapidly from there depending on the woman and other variables. So, what was their reason for REALLY sending her home? There had to be another reason for sending LeeAnn home for her to be “angry” as she reports that she was. 

Also, it took them 25 minutes to get to the hospital and another 25 minutes to get back home. In that time, she must have dilated much more quickly than even she knew b/c a few hours later, the baby came into the world and he came too quickly for help to arrive. 


She stated that after she felt the head, it was “go time” and he was there. Everyone she spoke to even told her that she shouldn’t have been told to go home. 

So, what’s really going on with this hospital? I ask again? In the end, the baby made it here safely, the mom and dad are doing well. Thank God for that.

However, the hospital did add that they apologize PROFUSELY for the incident.

Rant in my Spirit

Listen, Hannah… I really think there’s a different kind of problem going on here b/c I really don’t think you would have told Bonnie, Joanne, Amy, Lizzie, or Taylor to go home at 2cm dilated. 

Not only that, but ANYTHING, ANYTHING could have gone wrong while they were at home. I thank God that they were covered by Him and He sees through all that racism and discrimination. I am glad that nothing happened while they were trying to handle this on their own even tho they should have been at the damn hospital. 

tenorI hope that WHOEVER had a part in turning LeeAnn and Leo away, gets fired! I really do b/c their negligence could have caused some serious issues for the mother and child.

I hope that after all is said and done, they sue the hospital b/c there’s no reason they should have been turned away in the first place. The emotional turmoil, pain, and suffering, etc.

I think it’s worth a try b/c altho this turned out fine, one thing out of order or slightly off and something could have happened that changed their lives forever. It would have been sad tears instead of happy ones. 

Word of Advice:

I have already addressed people’s dumb ass behavior in a hospital and it’s a damn shame that I have to do this again, post here

sourceAs I said before, if you don’t want to provide service to everyone… then find another damn job! There are many jobs out there where you don’t have to interact with people that you don’t want to interact with.

However, if you continue to turn away people for no good reason… you are going to end up broke, in jail, and alone. Do Better!