This was another recommendation that I had gotten from the FB group. There was so much chatter about it, and I mean it was overwhelming, that I just had to see what the noise was about, so I decided to read it. 

Usually, I deliver my non-spoiler book reviews at the end of every month. But my statistics class had other plans. When I realized that I hadn’t picked up the book in weeks, I had a hard decision to make…

For the first time ever, I had to push the review back to this month. Thank you all so much for understanding that life gets in the way sometimes. I truly appreciate your flexibility and patience with me.

Verity by Collen Hoover


To start, we meet Lowen, a writer who is on the brink of going broke. She’s living in an apartment taking care of her very sick mother, who is dying of cancer. She has written some books and they’ve done okay, but she’s running out of money fast. 

She meets Jeremy, the husband of a very successful and best-selling writer, Verity Crawford. Jeremy has had a lot of tragedy in his life. First, his twin daughters died, then his wife, Verity, was incapacitated in a car accident. Now, Jeremy is left to care for her even tho are wealthy, so he hires help. 

tenorThe book centers around an offer from Jeremy for Lowen to finish a book series that Verity started before she was incapacitated. Jeremy thought that since Lowen is a book writer, surely she can write the rest of Verity’s series, right? Lowen has many, many reasonable doubts b/c they aren’t the same person nor do they write the same.

Of course, the money that Jeremy offers Lowen to take on this project is definitely necessary and needed. The question then becomes can Lowen finish the series? Can Lowen’s prose match Verity’s prose? Will Verity’s audience be able to tell the difference? What is the secret that Lowen discovers? What’s in Verity’s manuscript? Is Lowen into Jeremy? What’s really going on here? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Real Life:

There’s a lot going on in this book simultaneously. The same thing happens in life. As adults, we have to keep many balls up in the air at the same time. I think the best way to say this is maintaining a balance. We have to ensure that we maintain a work/life balance.

We have work, family, ourselves, house, car, social life, etc. I mean, we keep many things going and sometimes it can become overwhelming. I think this relates to Lowen b/c she was going under at in the beginning. Taking care of her mom, running out of money, and trying to keep her career afloat.

giphyThen, things began to change for her. Almost overnight. Sometimes, we may not know how everything is working together, but sometimes we have to keep moving forward and believe that brighter days are ahead. Lowen didn’t know this offer was coming, but it did and it an opportunity of a lifetime for her. I say that to say this, keep moving forward. It will all work out in the end.


I definitely recommend this book. Before I even read it, there were so many comments and conversations about how good this book was like I mentioned above. I have to say that they were so right. I mean, that’s why I chose it in the first place… all the chatter.

When I realized that Lowen had the offer of a lifetime and even tho she was hesitant about it and almost walked away from it, so took a chance on herself. She realized that it was for a good cause and hell, she needed the money, too.

Do yourselves a favor and don’t miss out on this great book. I didn’t know if I would like it b/c I usually don’t do romance novels, it was hidden in there, but I actually am glad I gave it a shot. You’ll be glad you did too! 

Let me know how you like it if you decide to read it as well. Comment below.