There comes a time, when we have to be honest with ourselves about how much we really take from our parents. I mean, let’s get real right now… our parents are our FIRST teachers. Therefore, there are many things that we learn from them. 

Not only our physical characteristics, but we take on their ways of dealing with things and processing things as well. That’s why it’s so important that we watch what’s done in front of the children at all times.

They are watching, they can hear you, they will mimic what they SEE and HEAR! 


I think that sometimes, we as adults, really forget that some ways, patterns, and behaviors that we learned from our parents were very toxic. Sometimes, it’s okay to re-learn the correct ways to receive love that works for you or cope with stress or a healthier way to function in a relationship. 

giphyAs time changes, we are learning as a society, community, and as a people, that the same things that worked for our parents, will not necessarily work for us. That’s b/c the world is changing.

Technology is a bigger focus. People are redefining themselves. Social media is a huge factor in business, personal, and life in general. Careers are being redesigned and redefined. The degree, marriage, and picket fence aren’t dreams anymore. There’s more to life than just that!

Times are changing. So, redefine yourself with healthy habits, behaviors, and coping strategies. Then, readjust with it! ❤