I have already touched upon hair and how important it is to black women, post here, if you missed it. The importance of our hair is also passed down to our young black and brown girls b/c the world tries, so hard, to tell them it’s wrong, ban it, or control it. 

IMG_0176.JPGWhich brings me to schools and their policies. I wrote a post similar about hair and policies, post here, if you missed it. Remember the superintendent told a grandmother to dress her grandson in a dress and he will answer to being called a girl?! All b/c of his hair. 

You know the stories; the military, schools, the workplace. They all try to ban natural hairstyles b/c we hella fly and always outshine Annie in Accounting, Hannah in Personnel, and Mary Ellen in Benefits, so they mad about it. 😛

Well, this is different. This is about a sixth grader, Amari Allen, who was pinned down by three, yes… three, Caucasian boys, who called her hair ugly, covered her mouth, and as if that wasn’t enough, they took out scissors and cut her hair. 

Now, I don’t know about you all, but I am enraged at this point. This young girl is at a PRIVATE school. That means she pays tuition. It’s $12,000/ year to attend this private school, which comes with a lot of privileges and advantages that public schools don’t have. 

To be fair, I know that bullying happens everywhere. It happens in all schools, in workplaces, in the military, in college… it literally happens anywhere and to anyone. So, it’s very common. The problem is that the punishments need to be swift, fair, and equal.

cdc0e456b567f69376d4bf6599c720f4The Allen Family pays money for Amari to attend school to learn. They pay for her to grow. They pay for her to enjoy her academic environment. They pay for her to study. They pay for her to be inspired. They pay for her to become an educated, young black woman. They pay for her to have goals, dreams, and to be safe. 

They don’t pay for her hair to be cut, touched, or pulled. They don’t pay for bullying. They don’t pay for bullshit. They don’t pay for her to be humiliated, degraded, or embarrassed. They don’t pay for her to be harassed or singled out. 

Let me tell you, Brad, Timmy, and Collin, 

I am past tired of the sense of entitlement that I feel in my bones that you all already have. I hate that you took this beautiful girl and made it your business to take away her safe place and her dignity. 

sourceHowever, listen here… I really hope there are charges pressed against you three for assault and battery. I really hope that you get a judge that is over this bullying shit just like I am and probably every other eye that will read this post. 

I hope you really feel the repercussions of what you did and not slide and glide through the system like you may end up doing b/c of your skin color. While I hate to bring race into this, this was a racial thing from the beginning.

“They kept laughing and calling me names,” Amari said, as tears poured down her face. “They called me ‘ugly,’ said, ‘I shouldn’t have been born.’ They called me ‘an attention-seeker.'”

As a matter of fact, I’m surprised it’s not being considered a hate crime, to be honest. However, I’m not the prosecutor, so… you all are lucky with that part. 

FB_IMG_1492642656107.jpgOn an emotional level, she said that she is TRAUMATIZED! This is something that will stick with her for a while. This can lead to anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks… I mean, she can heal and it can be managed with therapy. See this post for more information.

I mean, she’s very hurt, upset… and rightfully so. Therefore, the boys that did this, their punishment needs to reflect that same emotion! Since she will be traumatized, their punishment should be traumatizing in a way that will teach them never to do this again!


In closing, this incident happened very close to my hometown and trust me, I am very pissed about how this young lady was treated b/c nobody should have to be subjected to such hateful and hurtful behavior from others. I pray that she’s able to get through this, find a great therapist, and have a great support system in her family/friends, teachers, and classmates. ❤


I had this story ready to go last week, then I got wind of her story changing and had to pull back my original post and revised some things depending on what new details came out.

Several news outlets were reporting that this young lady had recanted her story. She was saying that she lied about the three boys attacking her and her family was apologizing for the lies she told. 

Listen… something in the milk AIN’T CLEAN!! 

Something happened to make her change her story so damn fast. Either someone paid her to keep her mouth shut, let’s not forget… she attends a private school with privileged people, who have money to pay tuition and can make some things happen. 


So, either she was paid off or she was coerced into silence. While money is a big motivator that can shut people up, let’s not forget that violence, threats, etc are options as well. 

I ain’t saying that I know what’s what. I am saying that I’m not stupid. That was a quick ass turnaround from breaking her silence to “Oh, I lied. I’m just playing y’all! Psyche!”

What… in 24 hours. Yeah, something happened to cause her to do that. 

Say a prayer for her and her family. Something happened to her and now she’s being silenced in some way. It makes me very sad b/c trauma is trauma. Being silenced only makes trauma worse. My prayers are with her. ❤