Y’all know that I don’t normally talk about television shows, but this had to be discussed. I don’t know how many of y’all watch POSE on FX, but I need y’all to get into it and really…


I have to be honest, I didn’t get into it until the second season and then I went back and watched the first season on Netflix and I was amazed! It is truly an awesome show! I really can’t believe that I slept on it for that first season! Like, why didn’t someone tell me?! 😑


Just amazingly written. Set in the 90s, which seems to be everyone’s favorite era, especially when it comes to music, but I digress. They talk about real issues in that time period; AIDS, HIV, Balls, Mothers, Children, Houses, and the LGBTQIA community.


The show stars Indya Moore, Billy Porter, MJ Rodriguez, and Dominique Jackson. They are trying to make their way in New York City while being black or brown, broke, alone, and talented at the same time as being gay, trans, or themselves.


Clip Realness from/about the Show:

Life Realness:

Of course, this post is more than the TV show. I love the show, POSE, but I wanted to cast a light on a deeper issue. Tho many people may have an issue with the LGBTQIA community and their lifestyle, please remember that they are people too.

They have feelings, they bleed red blood, they get sick, they are human beings. They belong to a family: they have mothers, sisters, brothers, children, pets, etc. They work, celebrate holidays, and birthdays. 

giphyWhy am I saying this? B/c people seem to forget that when people mention their sexuality to some people. People tend to forget their humanity just b/c of who a person sleeps with BEHIND CLOSED DOORS! Especially when it’s none of their business.

Also, the show tackles the fact that there are transgender women still being killed out here in these streets, to this day and back in the 90s, but nobody wants to talk about it. They are people too! Having trouble with that notion?! Read above a little. 

Remember to show each other love and compassion out there. Life is hard enough without others making it harder just b/c of who you choose to love and sleep with, which again, is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!! ❤