I wanted to share this message with you all, so we can be clear when it happens to us b/c let’s be honest, it will at some point. How do I know? 

B/c people are gonna people. They always do.


There are A LOT of people in this world who do not like to be held accountable for their own actions. I am not talking about children, but about the adults, who still behave like children. 

Follow me for a second…

There are people who will deflect, project, call you names, defend their behavior, change the subject, attack your character, attack your parenting/insert arbitrary thing here, lie, cheat, steal, and whatever else they can think of that will take that heat off of them all b/c you refuse to let up. 


Listen, if you know for a fact and got receipts… keep on holding these people accountable. They can deny, deny, deny all they want, but when you pull out receipts, proof, evidence… they will try another strategy.

However, sometimes you have to be just a crafty and clever as they are and that will require the one thing that they never seem to have… patience! 

If you wait them out, sometimes, they will tell on themselves before you even have to listen to their lies, go through the rigamarole, and bullshit. 


Another tip: Only ask questions that you already know the answer to and that’s for obvious reasons. If you do your own research and do so without “them” knowing, you have a leg up on the competition (which can be your hubby/wife/SO, kids/teens, Susan in Accounting, Liem in Algebra, etc)… I digress.

Anyway, keep on telling your truth and refusing to hold things in b/c of how Andy in Finance, Harriet in Personnel, or Annie in Data Processing will take it especially if they are incompetent and causing YOU more stress. Spill the tea with receipts and live your life stress-free! 

Come on in… the water’s fine! 


#MessageMonday ❤