When Kelsey was placed on bedrest the week of her maternity pictures she was really disappointed because she was looking forward to having those memories forever… who wouldn’t be?

So when her husband texted me wanting to replace her and surprise her with the pictures how could I say no?!

Not only is he hysterical but he was able to turn his wife’s frown upside down and brighten her mood completely!

Here are some pictures from his photoshoot:

Listen, the reason that I am sharing these pictures is b/c I thought this was the sweetest, most unselfish, most adorable thing this man could have done for a woman that was on bedrest. 

He put his own fears aside and put himself out there for the world to see… and the pictures came out great! 

giphyI truly applaud this man for standing in for his wife. I applaud him for doing the pregnancy picture thing that all women do. I think this is an excellent way to show your woman unconditional love and support. 

Having a baby isn’t easy for any woman. Things can, and sometimes do, change from one second to another, so… I know it wasn’t easy for Kelsey to sit this out, but this would make such a great story to tell their son once he’s born. I think that’s a great alternative to comfort her. Yes, they are having a BOY!!

Good on You, Sir!!!