I don’t know about you, but I am tired of reading the same headline: Trigger Happy Law Enforcement Officer Guns Down Unarmed Black Woman in her Home For No Fucking Reason. 

Regardless of whether I want to read it, hear about it, or mourn another lost life, here I am… in grief b/c of some trigger happy ass cop couldn’t wait to play Cops and Robbers with a human life. That life belonged to Atatiana Jefferson, 28. Article here.

Atatiana Jefferson TT

This woman was at home spending time with her nephew, her door was open, it was about 2am… just a regular night. A neighbor thought something was wrong b/c the door was open and called the police to do a WELFARE CHECK on the residence. 

This means that the police go to knock on the door and check on every person to ensure they are okay and leave. Please notice that I didn’t say they draw guns, parachute down off their roof, bust down their front door, or shoot anyone. 

Anyway, the concerned neighbor sent the police to check on Atatiana. Well, that police officer shows up, DOES NOT IDENTIFY HIMSELF as an officer of the law, but instead yells for Atatiana to show her hands. She, on the other hand, hears something outside and checks it out from the window.

They meet. Police yells, she doesn’t comply b/c she doesn’t know who he is nor what he’s doing on her PRIVATE PROPERTY making demands. He yells, then shoots her DEAD.

The end. 😦

I’m not going to sit here and rant or rave about how we’ve lost another life even tho that’s exactly what happened. I just want to let you know that she mattered! Her life mattered! 

She was a pre-med graduate. She was spending time with her nephew, which says she was a huge family person in a close-knit family.


She was beautiful. She had plans. Goals. A bucket list. She had hopes, dreams, a savings account. She had books she was going to read. She had things in her head she wanted to say to someone. She had music she loved. She had events she wanted to attend. She was a PERSON!!! 


I just don’t know when this will end. She didn’t do anything to deserve to be killed. She didn’t do anything, but stand in the window. A concerned neighbor, the one that called the police, said he feels it’s partly his fault. That’s a heavy load to carry with this unexpected outcome. 

Listen, I wouldn’t necessarily blame the neighbor b/c he didn’t know Atatiana was going to end up dead. No way he could have known that. He was just trying to make sure she was okay and it went left. 

What we can do for the family of Atatiana Jefferson is pray for their comfort and knowing that she’s in a better place. Send your condolences and keep them in your thoughts. ❤

We can also pray for justice that the cop responsible for this outcome is punished by the law for murder.