Listen… I cannot stand when a woman tears down another woman for no reason other than jealousy and envy. That other woman is running the same race as you are, so there is no need to tear each other down.

That’s not how you win. That’s not how you get noticed. That’s not how you get attention. That’s not how you get that promotion. That’s not how you win the bonus. Life ain’t no circus, but you damn sure just made yourself the clown. 🤨  Was it worth it? Usually, no.


PSSSTT, here’s a secret!

🗣🗣THE FIGHT AIN’T WITH HER IN THE FIRST PLACE! You need to realize that you are fighting with yourself. You are your own competition, not the next woman. What do I mean? 

You are fighting against yourself, it’s your: 

  • cdc0e456b567f69376d4bf6599c720f4procrastination
  • time management
  • laziness
  • social media 
  • lack of education
  • NO accountability
  • lack of compassion, empathy
  • lack of spiritualism/God/higher power
  • No ambition
  • lack of hope, dreams
  • No motivation
  • Sense of entitlement

Don’t think that I’m not talking about myself or that women must be perfect. That’s not what I’m saying AT. ALL. Women have come a long way and we continue to evolve every day. We are amazing, strong, determined, educated, lovable, and mighty! ❤

What I’m saying is you don’t have to dim another woman’s light to make yours shine brighter. Stop comparing yourself to that other woman. Be thankful and grateful for what you DO have instead of comparing your life to someone else.

You don’t have what she/he has b/c you didn’t do what they did to get it! You don’t know her life just like she doesn’t know yours. Stop tripping them up to ahead! 


We all have FLAWS! I don’t need anyone around me making things worse especially when we’re running the same race, called LIFE. 

The point is that we need each other. We need to come together, show some sisterhood, and watch out for each other. Did you know that Malcolm X said: 



We, as women, shoulder a lot of shit. We take shit and constant hits in the workplace, at home, within our intimate relationships, with our children, with our parents, within ourselves. We deal with a lot of shit on a regular basis, which is why we should be helping each other. 

I said all that to say this… women have enough to deal with and we bleed every month, sustain/carry/bring forth new life, and raise children on top of it all. Like, wouldn’t you say we have enough going on?! So, why add negative things to that plate?


If we can come together, we can draw strength from each other there’s a lot of goodness on the other end of that spectrum. More support. More love. More sisterhood. More empathy. More compassion. More healing. More healing. More healing. More… HEALING.

In closing, I really want you all to take stock of yourselves and your lives. Be grateful and thankful for what you have b/c at any moment, any second, your life can change and things can be very different. 

Check on your strong friends, we are not okay. Check on your fearless friends, we are not okay. Check on your “we had a tiff, but we been down since 2nd-grade” friends, we had a tough day. 

Sometimes, it ain’t always about us. ❤