I was talking to my sister, who posted this on her FB page, and I asked her why wouldn’t she just ask for help when she knew she needed it. Why agree with this meme when she KNEW that she was screaming for a few moments to herself to just BREATHE?! 

Someone else commented on the picture and said, “b/c I don’t want anyone else to hold my baby.” My sister wholeheartedly agreed.


I was left with these 😳🤯😩🤨 faces. I don’t understand how she came to this conclusion especially if she has help readily available. While my sister has 4 children and I don’t have any yet, if the help is there just accept it!

Who cares who is holding the baby for 10 minutes while you shower or 2 hours while you nap? Or for an hour while you have an adult conversation? Or for 25 minutes while you eat without rushing through your meal?


It’s okay to ask for help when you need it. It’s okay to say, I need to call my village b/c I need a couple hours to myself. We are human and let’s not kid ourselves, people expect women to be superhuman. Well, guess what?! Not all the time and not every day! 

Raising children, working, looking presentable, getting out of bed, cooking, cleaning, checking homework, keeping everyone healthy, being on time, etc… that’s a lot of work, that’s a lot of demand, and that a lot of time. Remember this post

Here are some other ways to be helpful to the mom when a new baby joins the family: 


While I still don’t understand why my sister and her friend were worried about who is holding the baby, I’m sure they have their reasons and as an auntie, I have to respect that. After all, my sister has done this 4 times already! She knows a little something by now. 🙃😉

For everyone else, new babies are fun and loving. Cute and cuddly! 💖💖🥰 However, they are still just babies and don’t have fully developed immune systems yet. Be mindful of that and remember to give the new mom and baby the same respect you’d want if you were a new mom/dad.