I know that car seats are an essential part of having a baby b/c they keep the baby safe. I mean, you can’t even leave the hospital without one. Not only that, you have to install the car seat in your car right for it to even be effective.

So, imagine my surprise when I read this article about how this family lost their twin son to a car seat? I know you may be like, HUH?! How did that happen? I know I had to read the article to find out more b/c that was so foreign to me, but it happened. Article here.


Article Highlights:

  • It took Rachel and Ryne a long time to become parents. 
  • They found out they were having twins and were ecstatic! 
  • On the way to work, they normally drop the twins off at the daycare.
  • One morning, on January 10, had gone like any other morning. They dropped the kids off, but Anders was asleep in the car seat.
  • Rachel dropped the twins off and left Anders in the car seat thinking that the daycare workers would remove him.
  • The daycare workers did not remove him for 2 hours after his arrival that morning, allowing him to stay asleep in the car seat.
  • By 10am, Rachel received a phone call from Ryne saying that Anders was being rushed to the hospital and he was coming to pick her up.
  • Anders had passed away b/c he was allowed to sleep in his car seat.
  • Rachel stated that she thought the daycare workers knew this! How could they allow this to happen? 


I know many are saying, What? I let my child sleep in their car seat all the time, but that’s not good. Stop doing that. Little Anders’ head had fallen forward while he slept and cut off his air supply causing him to suffocate.

“That’s why car seats — outside of moving cars — are not safe for naps or overnight sleep for the first 6 months of life.” 

See, when the car seat is on the base and in the car, it’s at a safe angle. When it’s not on the base and sitting flat on the floor, that angle is gone, which allows for serious risks such as the one this family endured.

A Word of Advice:

download (1)I’m writing this b/c this is something that many people do, some without thinking about it b/c it’s convenient. However, you don’t want to turn around to do something and then realize that something has happened to your child while you had to x, y, and z while they were sleeping peacefully.

I also think that’s why being mindful and being present is important as well. Not saying that Rachel should have been more mindful or present, but in general. So many people are running around and operating on auto-pilot b/c of their routine and they gotta get shit done. I get it. But that’s how mistakes are made. That’s how tragedies happen.

Take the time to be mindful and present in your life. Life is about memories, not how much of your to-do list you can complete every day. Be safe and keep your babies safe out there. ❤